Why Ektron should be your first choice?

Web Spiders Logo 2013Content is king. But then, you have heard this before. Well, the new part is that this rule of thumb applies to content management systems as well. Content editing forms the core element of a CMS. However, quite ironically, and sadly, this is one aspect of CMS that most CMS vendors neglect. While showcasing their products, CMS vendors tend to overlook this aspect. While demonstrating their offerings, CMS vendors tend to promote more of the marketing features, the mobile website features, and the social media marketing features. Well, CMS vendor Ektron has decided to change all that, with their new version. This new version promises to offer its users an enhanced content editing experience. It replaces the customized Telerik Editor version with Aloha Editor, which is an HTML based editor.


But before we delve into the features of this recent version of Ektron CMS, which has got the world of web developers buzzing with excitement, we need to figure out why content editing commands so much importance in the digital space.

Why is Content Editing so important? – Although a lot of promises are made during CMS product demonstrations by the vendors, most people who mobilize a CMS, spend a greater part of their time updating the content, which really shouldn’t happen. Most content management systems come with UI that is similar to that of Microsoft Word. However, that really doesn’t make matters any easier. Most users find the task of content editing to be overwhelming and unpleasant, and it is quite time consuming as well. Some even create cheat sheets to aid their editing staff. With this version of the CMS, you can avoid all such problems.

The next question that arises is, how is this CMS different from other content management systems, with regard to content editing.


What is the difference? - This CMS can enhance your content editing experience. It can make it better and more fun. This CMS offers a ‘provider’ model for the 3rd party editors, who use this CMS. This will allow the customer to opt for any other 3rd party editor, which they prefer. Besides older editors with older versions, this CMS also offers support to Aloha editor. This editor can empower all the aspects of this CMS, where the content is updated. Some of these aspects are SmartForms, and in-context editing UI. As Tom Wentworth, the Principal Marketing Officer of Ektron has stated – “Aloha is everywhere”.

Okay, great! But how is this is going to help you, or rather your CMS projects?

Content Editing made easier – With content editing enjoying the spotlight once again with this version of the CMS, working with content will become easier than what it is, in most organizations today. Technical errors, usability issues – all these make content editing somewhat of an ordeal. You can edit content right on the website, with this CMS. You can do so, even while on the move.

If you are into content editing, you should consider mobilizing Ektron.

3 Resources for Android Application Development

Web Spiders Logo 2013Android Apps are great favorites with smartphone users, especially those who are tech-savvy, and like exploring new apps, every now and then. The number of apps that one can access on Android devices, has already crossed 700,000, and the number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. Moreover, it has been revealed by a recently conducted survey, that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the primary Android App store, Google Play. And that’s definitely not all.


There is another recent survey that tells us that around 70% of smartphone users like Android Apps more than other kinds of apps. The numbers reaffirm the rapidly increasing popularity of Android Apps. This has also lead to a rise in demand for skilled Android app developers. So if you too want to be a successful app developer, here are some resources that you can explore and get a hang of the process. More and more people interested in Android Application Development are resorting to these resources.


Video tutorials are considered by many to be the easiest and the best way to learn new concepts. If you search YouTube, you will get tutorials about every topic. YouTube offers a lot of videos on Android application development. This site has many easy-to-understand training modules on this topic, which many consider to be complicated. They will help you get a hang of the underlying concepts of app development and design in a easier, and lot more fun way. Once you have got a hang of the basics, you can then implement your knowledge in your work. You can also go ahead and explore the videos that tell you about the advanced concepts. These videos have several leading names in the business sharing their experiences, and tricks of the trade. You will get extensive information on different aspects of app development, such as programming, debugging and releasing the app.


Books and more books

Books are counted among the traditional ways of learning something new. There are quite a few comprehensive guides on apps development. This will help you understand the process in detail. You can even buy them online. eBook is another option that you can consider exploring. Yes, you can always do your own research on which book is better. Or you can go with one that many recommend. “Hello, Android” by Ed Burnett is one book that is becoming increasing popular among those interested in app development.


Go official!

The most reliable information on android apps development is the official site of Android. The site features quite a few blog studies and case studies. Going through them can help you have the basic concepts at your fingertips. The website is updated at periodic intervals, and you can check it regularly, to get the latest lowdown on the process.

If you want to build apps that will leave a mark in the market, you can consider exploring these resources. They will help you understand the basic concepts, as well as formulate successful strategies.

Tools for Successful Android Application Development

Web Spiders Logo 2013Most smartphone users love exploring and using new Android Apps. There are many who are always checking out the latest innovations in mobile technology. Till today, there are around 700,000 apps that you can access on the Android devices. If you go by the recent statistics, you will find out that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play, the primary store for Android apps. The numbers tell an obvious story. Android apps are rapidly gaining in popularity. And this spike in popularity is prompting a rise in the demand for Android App developers & that’s not all the evidence that is there, of the popularity of Google Apps.

android-developersA survey that was conducted in the first half of 2013 has revealed that 71% of the smartphone crowd give more preference to Android applications in comparison to apps that have been built on other platforms. So do you want to make your mark in the world of Android app developers? Yes, learning the finer nuances of Android Application development can help you create exciting apps that have a successful run in the market. Here are some of the tools that can aid in learning the ways of apps development, and can make it a lot easier as well.


There are many tutorials on this topic on YouTube. These video tutorials help you learn the nitty-gritties of the process. You will be able to access quite a few training modules on YouTube. Some of them are visually captivating. You will find it easy to figure out the basic steps of the process. You can later on implement your knowledge in these projects. Once you have understood the basics, the next step is to hunt for videos, where the experts in the business have shared the tricks of the trade. These videos can inspire you to think of planning a career in Android application development. These videos will also help you understand every aspect of the process, from developing an app to debugging to making it go live.

android-computergeekblogBooks and eBOoks

Books are counted among the most reliable ways for learning something new. There are quite a few books on developing apps that can help you get a hang of the basics. You can even purchase them from online bookstores. You can also consider going for eBooks. With the world raving about eBooks, there is no reason for you to not explore this option. You can start by reading “Hello, Android” by Ed Burnett. This book has won a lot of critical acclaim, and has been climbing the popularity charts, as well.

2951483568_c55ee518a4_zOfficial website

Official website for Android applications can be the most reliable way to learn something new about them. You can visit the official website to go through the various blogs and case studies. This website is updated regularly, and you will get the lowdown on Android apps development.

So, if you want to build apps that will be able to make a mark, get started right away!

Why should Drupal developers consider choosing Drupal 8?

Web Spiders Logo 2013The launch of Drupal 8 in October 2014 has generated a lot of buzz in the world of web developers. All the versions of Drupal CMS that have been released till date, have garnered positive reviews among web developers. Each and every version has greatly influenced the way websites are created and updated. This one too has taken the world of Drupal developers by storm. It offers a lot of features that help developers design and develop robust enterprise websites in considerably less time, and with a greater deal of efficiency.

drupalCreating responsive websites is easy

Drupal 8 lends native support for designing and developing websites that you can access from mobile devices. This version of the open CMS allows Drupal developers to plan, create and manage websites, where all the form elements get modified automatically, as per the screen size of the mobile device which you are using to view the website. This allows you to build a single website that you can access through any device, be it a tablet or a desktop. This apart, Drupal 8 offers new themes that work well in case of mobile devices, as well. This makes it easier to manage websites that have been designed and developed by mobilizing Drupal. It not helps you save time, but is cost effective, as well.


Supports the recent version of HTML

The latest version of Drupal offers seamless support to HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest and the most widely used version of HTML. Therefore, web developers can customise this CMS to design and develop websites that cater to the specific needs of individual site visitors. Each output template of this open CMS offers elements that have been simplified for the ease of web developers. Drupal 8 also supports picture elements. Thus, this helps display images in a responsive website framework. So, when accessed from a mobile device, you do not get to see a stripped version of the website – the form elements are modified to suit the screen size of your device. Drupal 8 also provides native input tools for building sites, especially when it comes to creating data submission fields, like mobile number and email id.


Multilingual site can be created

These days, sites are being created in more than one language, in order to reach more and more members of your target audience. Mobilizing this CMS can make things a whole lot easier for you. This CMS allows you to make every task simple, starting from the installation screen to providing text alternatives for image fields. Web developers can now bank upon in-built user interfaces, instead of any external software, to translate text within the system. They can also avail of software translation updates, which are offered by the Drupal support communities around the world.

drupal-logoDoes not include redundant modules

The earlier versions of Drupal CMS came with quite a few modules that can be done away with. Almost no developer uses these modules any longer. Drupal 8 does not come with these modules. Which is why it takes considerably less space in the hard disk, and operates more quickly than the earlier versions of this CMS.

Thanks to the above mentioned features, Drupal 8 has been creating a positive buzz in the recent times. More and more web developers are mobilizing it and experiencing the difference. Your turn to try it?

How to look for the best of Drupal Developers

Web Spiders Logo 2013When it comes to open content management systems in the business today, Drupal surely rules the roost. It is often the go-to choice of many web developers around the world to plan, design, develop and manage websites that are robust, feature-rich and attract a lot of traffic from all around the world. There is no one particular approach that you can resort to, while mobilizing Drupal. Yes, while it is always cost-efficient to use this open CMS to design, develop and update websites, customizing its modules might prove to be a bit difficult, when you are mobilizing it for the first time. It is not easy to understand the complex theme structures used in this CMS. This is what brings us to Drupal developers. Sourcing help from an efficient Drupal Developer can help you reap the optimum benefits of mobilizing this CMS. He can help you understand the finer nuances of working with Drupal CMS, and help you customize the modules to suit your specific needs.

drupal-mobile-sitesWhile the market is abound with skilled Drupal developers, finding one who can evaluate your particular needs and customize the modules of this open CMS to suit those needs, can be quite difficult. But then again, it is not impossible. There are quite a few tried and tested ways in which you can spot a professional developer. He will help you plan, create and update websites that have responsive structures, and can be viewed from mobile devices.

drupal-CMSFormulate a strategy – You first need to understand what strategy is good for your business. Formulate one that helps you reach out to more and more of your customers. Plan your website in accordance with that strategy. Once you have done that, decide upon the website content and display. Once the decision making part is over, you should start scouting for a Drupal developer, who offers you the type of services that you require.


Research time! – Once you know the kind of services you need, it is time to do some thorough online research. That will help you find out about the leading developers in the market. You can check their portals to know about their services as well as the fees they charge. Once you do that, you will understand whether the services offered by a particular Drupal developer will suit your requirements, as well as your budget.


Do not set deadlines – Enlist your requirements, and post them on bidding sites. Evaluate the response of different developers, and take your pick. But, one rule of thumb that you need to keep in mind – you should never ask a developer to provide you with an estimate of the time that he needs to complete the task given. It is not a very feasible thing to set deadlines right at the very beginning.


Check Multiple Options – Do not stick to a single option. Explore various bidding sites and evaluate the response of various developers, before you go for any one.

Before you settle down for any developer, you need to take into account several factors like the client portfolio of the company, and what kind of reputation it has, in the market. Once you have taken your pick, you can rest easy, since the greater part of the work is done.

Why opt for iOS development?

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In recent times, the importance of iOS apps has increased by leaps and bounds. Almost each and every concern depends on iOS apps these days to enable their customers to create, interact and collaborate from any place, and at any time. These days, smartphones are used by anyone working in the digital space, or using digital products and services. You can reach out to them by allowing them to access your offerings directly through their mobile phones, and other mobile devices. Given that the number of mobile phone users are increasing rapidly in the recent times, you can easily customize an app to reach out to your target customers.

iPhone App Developers

In order to customize an app, or get one designed and developed for your purpose, you can consult an expert iPhone apps development team. The team will be able to help you chart an effective digital marketing strategy for your company. In the recent times, many big names have got iPhone app developers on board to devise new strategies to cater to the needs of the customers. Here are a few advantages of customizing an iPhone or Android app for your business.

iOS Developers

  • A customized app can help you expand your business in ways more than one. It can help you create a strong brand identity. You can publicize your brand to quite a great extent with the help of an app that is easy to operate, and does not take much time to run. Having a customized app that is easy to run will help you reach out to more and more of your potential customers.

  • You can also interact with your customers and help them clarify their doubts, or post their problems directly through such an application. Your app can help the customers access your products and services through their mobile phones. It will make it easier for you to reach out to them and vice-versa, and thereby help you score an edge over your peers.

  • You can expand your loyal customer base by customizing the apps for your organization. Customized iOS apps or Android apps make it easier for your customers to interact with you. Your customers can access your offerings, from anywhere and using any device. They can do so even while they are travelling. When your products and services are available all the time, you will have customers flocking back to you, every single time they need them.


  • You can also opt for a mobile app to figure out the behavior of your target audience. In order to improve your products and services, you need to understand the things that your customers dislike about them. An iPhone app can help you assess your customer behavior. You can also create accurate customer profiles based on the date collected via the app. This includes details like the age, the place where they are based and their professions. This data will help you customize your offerings.

These are some of the reasons why iOS development is the need of the hour. So when are you customizing an app for your business?

Why has Ektron taken the digital space by storm?

Web Spiders Logo 2013Content is king. We have heard that umpteenth number of times. And that rule applies to web content management systems, as well. Content editing forms the heart of these systems. However, this is also one area that most CMS vendors tend to overlook. While demonstrating their products, CMS vendors tend to concentrate more on the marketing features, the social media aspects and the mobile website features. Well, things are set to change with CMS vendor Ektron, who have decided to offer users an enhanced content editing experience, with their recent version of web content management system (WCMS). This version replaces the customized version of the Telerik Editor with Aloha Editor, which is based on HTML.

But before we go into the features of this recent version of Ektron CMS that have got web developers raving, we need to understand why content editing holds so much importance in the digital world, in the first place.

ektron1Why content editing?

Despite all the elaborate promises made during the CMS product demonstrations, most people, who use a CMS, spend most of their time updating the content. Most content management systems have text editors that have interfaces akin to that of Microsoft Word. Sounds easy? Well, the reality is quite unpleasant. Most find the editing experience to be quite difficult, and it takes up quite a lot of time, as well. Some even need to create cheat sheets to aid their editors. With this version of the CMS, you can steer clear of all such hassles.

Next up, the question is how are the content editing features of this CMS different from those of other content management systems.


Where lies the difference?

With this CMS, your web content editing experience can certainly be better and more fun. This CMS has designed a ‘provider’ model for the 3rd party editors, using this CMS. This will, in turn, let customers plug in any other 3rd party editor that they prefer. In addition to older editors with older versions, this CMS now supports Aloha editor. The Aloha editor can empower every aspect of this CMS, where you update content. Such aspects include in-context editing user interface, and SmartForms. This new feature can be summed up in a single dialogue by Tom Wentworth, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ektron – “Aloha is everywhere”.

Great news! But how is this going to help your CMS projects?

ektronContent Editing made a breeze!

With the focus shifting back to content editing, working with content would become much easier than what it is, in most companies today. Technical glitches, usability problems – all these make content editing an overwhelming experience. With this CMS, you can edit content right on the website, and even on the move.

If you are a content editor, Ektron CMS should be your first preference while choosing a WCMS. Ease of use, customisable features, reliability, – there are plenty of reasons for mobilizing EKtron. Which one is your reason for choosing this CMS?