What must you consider before choosing a CMS such as Ektron?

Web Spiders Logo 2013The key to creating a high performing website and keeping it updated is having a great strategy and choosing a CMS which is easy to understand and use. There are several different concepts to consider before you choose to give your web URL a face and design. To enjoy the benefits which SEO can provide, you need to also plan your content as per the on site optimization rules. This can be a very favorable strategy for your business. A nice looking website is not anymore enough to keep a user interested in your business. A customized and personalized approach is adopted by many companies and brands. The functionality of your webpage depends a lot on your choice of CMS.

The recent update of Ektron created a great buzz amongst web developers. It has been one of the most favored CMS and it continues to provide with a simple and effective user interface. Ektron is preferred by many business owners, professional bloggers and brands. However, simply going by the popularity of a CMS is not a very smart thing to do. Knowing more about what to consider can help you take better decisions.
ektron15 things to consider before choosing a CMS –

  1. Core functionality - Not all CMS provide with all the basic functionalities. Assess your needs and read more about the chosen CMS. The four basic functions which you will be using more often are creating, deleting, organizing and editing pages.

  2. Customization – If your chosen CMS provides with flexibility, then half of your task can be considered done. Focus on how much flexibility the CMS offers. How many options does it provide for presentation purposes.

  3. User Interface – Depending on the tasks and nature of work, different people may require access to the web page and administrative functions. A simple and easy to use interface can ensure that you can manage the content without any worries. Setting permissions, resetting passwords and exporting information are some of the tasks which you will need to do once in a while. Flexibility which user interface provides plays a big role in ensuring the swiftness of tasks.

  4. Roles and permissions – Different people of the organization or team will have different roles to play. Some may post advertisements to the webpage, some may be responsible for content. Having a CMS which supports permissions will be of great use.

  5. Multilingual support – To cater to a wide audience, you need to have a website which can provide content in various different languages. Choose a CMS which provides multilingual support. Assess your needs and choose a CMS platform accordingly.

Mobilizing Ektron can be a wise thing to do since it provides with not only the above mentioned benefits but also some additional features which can make content management a hassle free experience. The latest update of Ektron CMS provides with many different tools which prove to be an absolute delight for the marketers. Persona management and various different tools for marketing can be of great use.

Why is the digital space all praises for Ektron?

Web Spiders Logo 2013A lot of leading organizations of today have been opting for Ektron CMS. These include big names like Kotak, Microsoft, Dolby and Indigo. Besides, more than 3,500 other companies too are mobilizing Ektron. So what is it about this CMS that has got so many organizations hooked? How exactly can it make it easy for you to efficiently create and edit content on your blogs and websites? How can it help you create a strong online brand identity, or help you modify the content of your blog or site, so that it attracts a lot of traffic? Here is an article that will help you figure out all that, and more.

ektronWith each and every passing day, the Internet is evolving by leaps and bounds, and more and more changes are taking place in the digital space. You need to update the content of your site so as to reach out to a good many of your target customers. Almost every medium or small enterprise is trying to create a strong online brand identity that can help them explore as much of their target audience base as possible. Here are a few ways in which Ektron can help you design and modify the content of your sites and blogs in compliance with the recent trends in the market.

How to make your site easily accessible from mobile devices: In the last few years, the number of people who have been using tablets and smartphones, has been increasing by leaps and bounds. These days, many people browse Internet through their smartphones and tablets. If people cannot readily access your site through these mobile computing devices, or they get to see a stripped down version of your site when they do, you run the risk of losing out on a large section of your potential customer base. You can use Ektron CMS to make your site mobile friendly, and help your existing as well as potential customers to find your website easily on Google search results.

ektron2Easing your tasks: Using programming languages, such as HTML, calls for a certain degree of expertise. Not all site owners might have that expertise. So, if you are not well-versed with programming languages, and try to update the content of your site or blog in the regular way, things might prove to be a great deal difficult. It will take more time, and also lower the rate of your productivity. It might also need you to rely on professional IT developers. Using this CMS does not call for use of any programming language. If you know the computer basics, you will be able to create and modify the content of your blog or site all by yourself, and that too when you are travelling.


What the editor sees is exactly what the visitor gets to see: One of the prime features of this CMS is that it involves use of an intuitive editor that is browser based, and of the type, What You See Is What You Get. Thanks to this feature, the person who is editing the content on the website gets to see the exact thing as any other person who will get to check the website, when it goes live. There is also a drag-and-drop feature. Thanks to this feature, you can add pages to an existing site.

These are a few reasons that have made the digital space go ga-ga over Ektron CMS. So, are you planning to join the club?

How switching to Ektron can help you

Web Spiders Logo 2013Planning strategies is of utmost importance, when you are trying to build a formidable brand identity. And using the right web content management system forms the basic element of the digital content strategy of any organization. The first step in planning a successful marketing strategy is to opt for a content management system that is easy to use and has many innovative features. Using an efficient CMS can help companies resolve issues that they might come across in day-to-day operations.

It can also help them explore their potential customer base to the optimum, by allowing them to customize the content of the website in such a way that it needs the specific needs of each individual site visitor. Mobilizing an efficient CMS can also help a company provide its team of marketing executives with inputs on audience behaviour. When it comes to effective web content management systems, Ektron is one name to reckon with. With several big names in the corporate world, like Microsoft and Dolby mobilizing this CMS, and more than 3000 other companies too doing the same, it would be wise to consider using this CMS. But what is it that makes this CMS tick with so many web developers at large? This article answers all these questions, and more!

ektronThese days, you need to design and develop a robust website that helps create awareness about your brand. You need to create a website that can attract a lot of traffic, and can be customized in such a manner that it can be accessed from any computing device. Mobilizing Ektron helps you create customized web content conveniently. Here are some of the ways in which switching to Ektron can help you.

ektron1You can access the website from any device – A few years back, people would browse Internet from the desktop. But today, people can browse from any mobile computing device, at any point of time and from anywhere. There are many people, who browse web from their smartphones on a daily basis. If your website is not mobile friendly, that is, it takes a lot of time to load when accessed from tablets and smartphones, people will move on to quicker and better options. You stand to lose out on a large chunk of your potential audience. Your website needs to be such that it loads quickly, when accessed from any mobile computing device having any screen size. Mobilizing such a CMS will let the site be spotted and indexed easily by search engine robots.

ektron-dev-logoSimplicity is another benefit – If you are not well-versed in programming languages, such as HTML, you might not find updating your website at regular intervals to be an easy task. If you try to update the content in a regular way, it will eat up a lot of your time. You can work your way around several such issues by using this CMS. Mobilizing this CMS just calls for basic computer knowledge. You can use this CMS to update your blog or site easily.

These are a few reasons why Ektron CMS has become a favorite with many web developers at large. Read, and decide how going the Ektron way will benefit you too!


Five Reasons which make Ektron a popular solution for content management

Web Spiders Logo 2013One of the best medium to reach out to potential customers from all over the world is probably a website. You can connect with interested individuals by simply sharing the URL. A well planned website can prove to be the turning point for your business. A website plays an instrumental role in attracting and retaining customers. In the current times, when individuals are much more tech savvy and are turning to online mediums for reviews, comparisons and feedback, having a website can prove to be very fruitful.


The performance and results depend largely on the choice of the content management system. In terms of an open source content management solution, Ektron CMS has been one of the more popular option. For multiple reasons, it has been favored by developers and website owners in general. Ektron’s web content management solution can provide you with a wide range of features which make website development a task a little less consuming.
Having a strategic plan with all the content in place ensures that you can set up the website in an orderly fashion. This reduces the hassle and confusion of a developer as well.  Ektron is a choice of more than 3800 companies worldwide.

ektron1Which are some of the impressive features of Ektron?

  1. Content authoring - Made on the principles of WYSIWYG, working on Ektron is easier and simpler. The drag and drop feature makes it easier to import pictures. Ektron smart forms make it easy to set up pages for products and press releases..

  2. Easy to use interface - The interface is very easy to use and makes the task of the developer much simpler. An incredible visual experience is what the latest update promises.

  3. Optimize delivery on multiple channels - It is necessary to optimize your page so that it is suitable for different devices. With Ektron, it is a simple process defined by fewer steps. Ektron allows you to use the latest technology like responsive web design.

  4. Developer friendly - Ektron is considered to be one of the most easy to use platform for .net projects. Plus, connecting with CRM and marketing automation system is easier than ever with Ektron. This allows you to have a dynamic digital experience.

  5. Multilingual sites - If you have a product or service which has a multilingual audience, then having a multilingual website is imperative. The multiple features on Ektron allow developers to provide with a culturally relevant content without much hassle.


Assess your needs and check out more details about the different features of Ektron. For a rough estimate, have a talk with an experienced Ektron developer. Responsive design is a very popular concept amongst developers. It indeed is the best feature which makes working on Ektron fun and easy. Sharing content on several social sites is also easier with the dedicated built-in business tools. Analyze your needs and convey the requirements to the developers for a website which will work for you to provide you with more relevant leads and eventually business! Mobilizing Ektron can prove to be your most profitable step.

What makes Ektron one of the most popular CMS?

Web Spiders Logo 2013In terms of open source platform for CMS, Ektron has for long been the most favoured choice amongst developers and site owners. To convey not just a message but to also provide with an interactive experience to the clients, Ektron proves to be a wise choice. Attracting relevant audience and to provide them with the appropriate data depends hugely on the way a website has been built. The recent update provides a lot of features which makes mobilizing Ektron websites a lot more easier. Having a strategic approach will ensure that you get a better performing website in a much shorter span. If you have been looking for ways to get more relevant leads and traffic to your webpage, maybe its time to make a switch to Ektron.


Ask a developer and he will tell you why working with EKtron CMS is pure delight!
A website should not be just an online brochure but it should be built in a way to attract relevant leads and convert them into valuable clients. A website is a tool to earn projects worth millions. Therefore, the marketing aspect of a website should be optimized in the best possible way.

ektron1Here are some of the reasons why Ektron rocks -

  1. Improved Connections - With more users surfing net on their mobile phones, having a website which is not optimized for smartphones can mean losing out on many potential customers. Ektron makes it simpler for the marketing team to provide with content and build pages which are suitable for multiple devices including, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

  2. Delivering pure .net based applications - Ektron has been the first CMS vendor to provide with pure .net based applications. It is simpler to use and also provides with comparatively more impressive results. Ektron also provides with more flexibility thereby reduce the hassle for developers.

  3. Simplicity and increased productivity - Creating, managing and publishing content is much more easier with Ektron CMS. It allows designer and developers to work in sync. This makes it easier to coordinate and provide with best solutions.

  4. Delivering multi channel experiences - Ektron also provides many mobile tools which ensures that the clients do not have to compromise on the user experience. More and more users are surfing net on their smartphones and therefore it is important to have a website which is optimized for all the various devices.

  5. Improved user experience - Many users want solutions which allows them to make basic changes without much hassle on their own. Ektron CMS makes this possible. The toolbar which is provided by EKtron 9 ensures that it is easy to switch between tabs to carry out functions. You can switch to design or edit mode easily.


These are just a few from the long list of user friendly features which make Ektron a much favoured choice. Acquisition increases the chances of conversion. For acquisition having a website which provides with an easy navigation is very important. Ektron provides with impressive tools to make site navigation much more simpler.
Assess your needs and make a switch to a Ektron for a better experience!

Pointers to keep in mind when you choose the best of Drupal developers

Web Spiders Logo 2013There are paid content managements systems and then there, are open ones. When it comes to the second lot, Drupal is considered by many to be the best of the lot. Whether you need to build a robust, authority website or a feature-rich one that attracts a lot of traffic and generates more leads more the business, Drupal is often the go-to choice of many web designers and developers. But then, there is no one universal strategy that is there for mobilizing Drupal. You need to customize the modules of this CMS to suit your needs. While you can always update your websites using Drupal, understanding its complex theme structures can be quite difficult at the initial stage. This is the reason why many get Drupal Developers on board, when they are just starting out. You need to source help from a skilled Drupal developer to get a hang of the intricate concepts associated with the functioning of Drupal CMS.


While there are many developers around, choosing one, who understands your specific needs and customizes the modules to meet those needs is not so easy. The availability of so many options is likely to baffle you. This is where I come in. Here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind while taking your pick from the current lot of developers.

Understand what you want – Evaluating your needs is very important. What is the objective of your website? What is the profile of the target audience? Once you have answered these questions, you need to find a developer, who can help you build a website that caters to these express needs. For instance, if you want to build multiple versions of a website, you need to opt for a developer that helps you does this in less time and at less expense.


Now comes the searching part! – You can do some thorough research once you have assessed your needs. You need to go through the websites and portfolios of several leading developers in the business. That will give you a fair idea of whether the services offered by a particular developer will meet your budget and other requirements.

Post on multiple bidding sites – Jot down what you need, and post them on several bidding sites. You need to check the responses of several developers, before you take one of them on board. One pointer to keep in mind: you should not be asking a developer at the very beginning to give you an estimate of how much time he needs to finish off the assignment. It is not a very feasible thing to set deadlines even before the project has taken off. You also need to take into account several other factors like the reputation of the developer, and the number of clients that he has.


Once you have taken your pick, you can rest easy. Choosing the right developer is greater part of the work done!

How the right approach can make iPhone application development easy?

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So you want to try your hand at iPhone Application Development? Whether you have been at it for a while now, or someone just learning the ropes, here is one key fact that you need to keep in mind – app development resources are of key importance in developing an app. Selecting the right resources, and making optimum use of them can help you devise apps that bepp won’t stand much chance of success. With each passing day, the competition in the field of iOS development is getting more intense. Your app needs to be really good if you want to taste success as an iPhone app developer. Here are a few tools that you can use while developing an iPhone app. It will help you in organizing your work better.


  • It is essential to plan well – Planning well is essential. You need to plan the proper way in order to develop an app that finds favor with the young tech savvy crowd. And the right way to start things is to follow the right approach for brainstorming. Here is a tool that you can consider using – it is called the ‘MockFlow. This is an online wire-framing tool that helps you chart out your plans before you invest resources in it. It helps you lay down the user-interface concepts, and share and review the ideas with the rest of your team. One of the advantages of using this tool is the ease of visibility that it offers. It is also very easy to use. There is another similar tool called Mockingbird. This too ensures frictionless wire-framing and helps you come up with new ideas.


  • Implementation is the next stage – Once you are done with the planning part, you proceed to the more important stage – implementation. It is one fulfilling experience when you get to taste success an iPhone app developer. Here are a few tools that can help you in carrying out your plans successfully.

  1. Q & A – Stack Overflow is one handy tool that can allow you to sort out various issues that can crop up while you are implementing your plans. This tool is based on a question and answer format. Here you have various programming pros coming together to help you out.

  2. iPhone SDK – This software development kit lets iPhone app developers copy and paste snippets that show the ways threads can be used, pictures can be displayed and NSTimer can be used.


  • Launch time! The most crucial stage of app development is when you release your app in the market. You can use a few tools to keep a track of its reach and popularity. You can try tools like App Vizz to get a graphical representation of your app sales.

App development is not a very difficult process, and at the same time, not a very easy one either. It all depends on how you go about it.