Mobile Web Development – How Responsive Websites Perform


A recent study has shown that most people across the globe are using their mobile phones to access the Internet and do a lot of online activities. Almost 50% of Internet users from Asia and Africa are mobile users in contrast to 25% in the US. Mobile users are those who not only use smartphones and no desktop Internet. We can keep aside tablets from mobile device as a recent survey has shown that tablets fall under desktop category. The bottom line is that people who are primarily using handsets to access the Internet can be regarded as smart people. Can’t we?


Before a mobile device can transmit or receive data, it has to establish a radio channel with the network. This can take several seconds. The best part is, if there is no data transmitted or received, after a timeout the channel will go idle, which requires a new channel to be established. This can obviously wreak havoc on your web page load times.


On a typical United States desktop using WiFi, a request’s average round trip takes 50 milliseconds. On a mobile network, it’s over 300 milliseconds. This is as slow as old dial-up connections. Additionally, even WiFi is slower on handsets, thanks to antenna length and output power. This means you really need to prioritize performance as you optimize your site’s design for mobile devices.

Responsive Website Design


If you start to develop or design workflow by thinking about any mobile web development project then think responsive first. It is time to avoid desktop version to catch hold of most online traffic. Reason is quite obvious. We have already discussed about it. Mobile Internet users are increasing alarmingly. So, to make websites viewed well from both desktops and mobile devices we have to opt for responsive website design.

You can start with creating a budget and set up a plan. You have to set a time-frame and monitor your project. Think of all possible methods which will help you to meet your goals not only on time but before time. Then you will get some buffer time to review your mobile website development project and do necessary changes if required.

Implementation Of Your Mobile Website Development Ideas


As you implement your responsive web design, you will make choices about your content’s size as it is displayed to the user. It may be fluid, it may be fixed and change at certain breakpoints, or you may choose to simply not load certain assets at certain screen sizes. This is why it is important to make sure you are only loading the assets you truly need for a user.

One approach to consider is conditional loading. You may have heard the term “RESS” popping up lately, which is using responsive web design combined with server side detection. This takes into account what kind of device the user is on—screen size, touch capabilities and loads only the content that is necessary for that user to see. A tool like Adaptive Images, for example, detects your visitor’s screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of your web page’s embedded HTML images.


There are many more interesting and innovative ideas in your mind. Yes! I am sure about it. So, if you want to share your views and ideas you can use this blog as a platform and share your thoughts on mobile web development. Thank you.

Smart Tricks For Mobile Web Development


First of all let me say that do not believe in posts which provide you tricks, including this one unless you are sure about the entire scenario. Each scenario is distinct and the tricks given to you might not work for you always. So, my suggestion would be that you read the posts and analyze before you take any judgement.

There is hell lot of things one must know about mobile web development. There are so many posts, articles and social media shares about the subject. How many have you read or understood? Don’t you think that most of them are really hard to understand? Hence, go for simple and smart ideas. The same is in the case for mobile website development.

 Keep Mobile Website Smart And Simple


I would recommend you as a website developer you should start from a solid foundation. Always keep your data simple and smart, reduce your wastes and avoid using two elements where you can use one.

I know that the inner designer in you will shiver. But sometimes you have to take hard calls to make your website development projects unique. Use single image instead of a series of complicated CSS properties. Always remember that opacity and shadows hugely impact on performance. By removing the opacity you can go from 8 to 13 frames per second. Use simple images and check the size of your files before using them in a mobile website.

Experiment Is Good But Not With Quality


Do not ever try to compromise with website quality. Be it design or be it content, try to keep them unique. Most importantly, your design should support the content and vice-versa. You can do a little bit experimentation with design, theme and animated elements. But do not try to make a mobile website too much heavy. After all, this is not a normal desktop version. We have to view the website in our smartphone.


I know you guys are experienced in developing smart mobile websites. But do you follow one simple step before you hand over the entire project to your client? Do you really do a quality check before making a website live? Yes! I am talking about testing. If you want you can consult with designers and content developers. I am sure with full coordination you developers can create wonders. Do remember that you are working on mobilizing website projects. Hence, your thought process and analysis should go in that direction.

Go Further

In case you want a mobile website look quite different from other mobile sites then you have to think innovative and do something really exceptional. Do research on all probable steps which can be taken to make a website smart. In simple words, you have to think beyond your capabilities. Then only you will get a product which is beyond your expectation.

Reduce Loading Time


Make sure that all mobile sites developed by you have minimum load time. This irritates even when we visit a website in our smartphones. For example, you have to check an important information about something and inform to someone and you are running out of time. How will you feel? Think from an user’s perspective. Then only you can go ahead with your mobile web development projects smoothly.

Android Apps Development – Is It Just The Begining Or What?


With Beginning Android apps development, you will learn how to apply HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and other web standards for use on the Android mobile platform, by building a variety of fun and visually stimulating games and other web applications! If you have done some basic web development, and you want to build your skills to create exceptional web apps, you will find everything you seek in the discussions and examples in this book.


Each application you will build in beginning Android application development will show you solutions that you can apply to many of your own projects. Each example shares techniques and coding solutions that will inspire your own work.

You will learn how to tie your Android apps into Twitter through two apps that you’ll build: Who is that Tweet?!, a quiz game based on celebrity accounts, and I Love Ham, a coding investigation into search phrases and rhyming.

Your Android web app development skills will then proceed in another direction, as you discover the power of HTML5 in two game apps: Scavenger Hunt, which introduces you to the HTML5 GPS location API, and Spies!, a location-based application that shows you how to use CSS3, Ajax, and HTML5 within multi-player environments.

You will also create an Android web application which checks the arrival time of buses and light-rails through the use of Portland, Oregon’s open Tri-Met data API! This app is a great template for other apps you may want to build in the future, and showcases the important techniques for incorporating cloud-based apps into web games.

After reading beginning Android apps development, you will have built real apps and developed along the way the skills you will need to create highly interactive, professional web applications and, your journey will be engaging and enjoyable!

What We Will Learn

  • Coding solutions what we can use time and again in our Android applications

  • Important methods and techniques for Android development

  • How to take complete advantage of CSS3 in mobile environment

  • How to handle a multitude of mobile screen resolutions

  • How to create feature-rich user interfaces with proper navigation, professional styling and color

  • How to add video and audio for interactive websites

  • How to add Ajax within our site

  • How to use and access the HTML location API

  • How to integrate JavaScript and JavaScrip frameworks into our site

Information For You


For anyone starting out in Android apps development who wants to build feature-rich web apps that are optimized for the Android mobile platform. If you have got basic web development skills, you will find the code samples and discussions in this book will take your techniques to a completely different level. In the meantime, you can also search in the Internet for more information on Android application. This will help you to understant the application and use as per your requirement.

Mobilizing Drupal – It Has Actually Revolutionized Content Management System


The latest edition of Drupal 8, the extremely popular content management system (CMS) enterprise, has made it big this time. Indeed, there is a lot of excitement among the Drupal community developers regarding the release of this version.


Talking of the previous versions of Drupal, till date all the released versions of the CMS have come up with something new, something that has changed the developing ways of the websites. The new edition of Drupal does not let down the developers either. The iteration of Drupal 8 comes up with the features listed below. The best part about these features is that they do not only guarantee help to the developers but also serves them brilliantly to develop the websites faster and in an efficient manner.

Responsive Design and HTML Support

Starting with the first feature of responsive design, Drupal 8 endows the native support in terms of the responsive design. It permits the Drupal developers not only to build the websites but also helps them to resize the graphical elements as well as the text as per the screen size of the device. This helps the user to view the website and view it clearly. Thus, it is easy to build a single website with Drupal 8 that is easy to access via y device. It can be a desktop, a tablet, smart phones, computers etc.

The icing on the cake is the “themes” of Drupal 8. Yes! The brand new themes of the content management system are responsive in addition. Yet, you can save time and money both now. It is not just about the simplification of the website management any longer. Thus, Drupal development was never so easy as it will be with Drupal 8.

It is Native and Most Wanted Support for HTML5

Now all the problems for the HTML support are resolved. Drupal 8 comes up with its supportive feature for the HTML5. HTML5 being the latest version that is being used as the mark up language has been the prime concern for the developers. Now the developers can do it all with the fun function for website building putting in less effort.


Coming to the templates of Drupal 8, they are much simplified in terms of classes and the elements for developers. Picture element support to the display pictures in this content management system ensures that all of these pictures are resized automatically. The user need not tap or click on anything. In short, no action is required from the users end. The CMS provides you with the native input tools that play a vital role in mobilizing Drupal websites.


Development of the Multilingual Websites is now Easier than Ever Before!

What is going to be the new breeze for the developers? Yes, you heard this one right. The multilingual website development feature of Drupal 8 is the new rage. Drupal 8 has taken up a promise of an absolute breeze starting it from the screen installation part. Generally the developers ought to translate the alternate texts, but now they can easily use the inbuilt user interface in order to take up the text translation.


Moreover, Drupal developers will have the access to the translation software updates. These are sent to the developers directly at their workstations from the extremely dynamic Drupal Community worldwide.

Benefits Of Android Apps Development – True Value To Your Apps


Before you know about some of the key benefits of Android apps development, you must get some of the latest information about the application. Isn’t that a great idea?


You can actually take ultimate benefits once you have come to know about Android apps development. Today, this application has a vast market because of rising number of people who are using it. There are many applications which are used for different purposes such as information apps, commercial apps, interactive media applications and so on.

Android apps development is known to function as a strong mediator between you and your customers in the same manner a communication is made through emails, phones and letters. But unlike the medium these applications can be used any place and all the time. Isn’t that interesting?

Apart from all the above mentioned points there are many other features which needs to look into with serious note. First thing is to collect information of what kind of applications you want to build. Based on your need, you have to figure out about how you can utlize it. For this you should explore and contact an Android application developer who can make your apps as per your requirement. After all, you should be satisfied with your apps.

 You can see several apps but make sure that it goes fine with your work in all segments. Ask your mobile application developer to show you the latest apps running in the market. This can provide true value to your applications and satisfaction too.


Next big thing you need to make sure about official development tools so that you know the latest technology behind your applications. This is because there are many common apps which can be downloaded or installed but not supported by Android.

Make Sure You Are Aware Of Android Application Techniques

Always stay updated with most updated tools and techniques. If your applications are for commercial purpose then, select business and corporate colors that looks bold and defines your aim. Remember meaningful apps can only attract more clients. Make your apps catchy and effective. In simple words, make your mobile applications smart and unique. Noticeable beep sounds and snapshots adds a plus point.

Your mobile app can be said to be complete app when it gives complete services related to your work area. You need to see that you have all information that your customer needs. Your client should not be confused and decide to think about your apps later.

Today, online transaction is quite common among customers. Functions like online payment is frequent for dealing businesses or purposes. The entire process makes easy access not only for payment but also maintains the track of all your loyal customers.

Android Apps Development – What You Are Looking For?


Your applications should be completed on time with minimum errors. Make sure you opt for a trial before you finally install it for your business purposes. Or else it will be difficult for you as well as your clients to deal in any sort of online transactions or other works.

Application developers put a lot in making thoughts that gets converted into apps. They believe in providing full services so that you do not have to worry about your Android apps development. Working for Android application is best ability from them to give what you need.

Drupal Developers Projects Can Be Boon For CIOs


It has been quite some time that the world has been anticipating the worldwide release of the much-talked-about Drupal content management system (CMS). The release is around the corner and the tech world is awaiting the D-Day with baited breaths. Every day thousands of articles discussing the varied features and aspects of Drupal 8 are flooding the cyber space. Developer, designer, project manager, enterprise, investor – Drupal has something in store for everyone. Chief Information Officer (CIO) is regarded as the prime tech decision maker in a company. CIOs serve to be the link between the tech team and client. As a result, a CIO plays a pivotal role in the working of a company and has to take care of a lot of operations to ensure timely delivery of services to the customers.


Playing such a vital role and being excessively time clustered, CIOs love to work with frameworks that tend to ease their work by simplifying the deliverable  Drupal content management system does just that. It offers the CIOs and IT directors a highly advanced, scalable, robust and the most secure open source CMS in the market.


How Drupal CMS is CIO friendly?


Drupal content management system integrates a number of functionalities to take some load off the CIOs’ shoulders. It does so by allowing the CIOs to do a wide variety of tasks quickly and effectively. Drupal can:


  • Increase the efficiency level of CIOs: Drupal is omnipresent. It is being used everywhere today. From White House to NBC Universal, Drupal has awed everyone around with its unmatched robustness, scalability and high security. All these features empower Drupal to run large scale sites with immense ease. Being such a dexterous framework, it single-handedly manages a variety of crucial tasks and thus, allows the CIOs to concentrate more on other aspects like quality assurance. Drupal is expected to be loaded with extra features to support Chief Information Officers in their daily operations, thus helping to surge their efficiency like never before.

  • Help in increasing the productivity of the team: Drupal CMS is equipped with features that help deploy, manage and edit content at a rapid pace, which gives an impetus to the overall productivity. Thus, Drupal will not only be instrumental in increasing the proficiency of the Chief Information Officers but that of the entire development team as well. In other words, it will help the CIOs in managing staff adeptly.

  • Broaden the scope of customization: Drupal is an open source medium, which eliminates the hassles of licensing and contract obligations at the Chief Information Officers end. Moreover, Drupal CMS can be largely extended and customized depending on business requirements. Greater scope of flexibility coupled with elimination of licensing and vendor lock-in enables CIOs to take decisions with more agility and suppleness.




As mentioned before, Drupal is expected to feature niche functionalities to address a wide range of issues at all aspects. In addition to the CIO-specific benefits mentioned above, it is also expected to be easier to use than the earlier versions as it will eliminate the need of core technical know-how to a great extent. By understanding the benefits it offer to the CIOs, Drupal developers are really working on their projects to make those officers’ work smooth and hassle free.

Future Of Our Own Ektron CMS – Ambitious Or Not?

Web Spiders Logo 2013

Ektron has been enjoying the 2010s so far, as the past few years have been kind to this software company from Nashua, New Hampshire.


Founded in 1998, they got their start a browser-based HTML editor (eWebEditPro), but a few years later abandoned this format for the Microsoft .NET platform. This suited them better and they stayed with it up to today, which is fortunate because in the last few years they began to get some serious recognition.

In 2011, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant listed Ektron and its web content management system as one of the CMS industry leaders, competing head-to-head with the likes of Adobe, Oracle, HP, and SDL. That same year they landed on E Content Magazine’s Top 100 Companies that Matter Most.

The next year they were again listed as an industry leader by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant – not as a newcomer this time, but as a returning champion. Today, they proudly boast being the platform of choice for more than 3,800 companies worldwide.

Ektron CMS – Future Lies In Its Features


At the front of the charge is the Ektron web content management system, which released Version 9.0 last year. Ektron targets the enterprise-level heavily – almost exclusively. This leads to complaints that they are neglecting their mid-sized customer-base.

The system also features a distinct multilingual functionality and site wire-frames to retain global brand consistency, key traits for their strategy of expanding and sustaining dominance in the global market. Consider these two together, and you see that Ektron has no shortage of ambition.

The Ektron CMS includes what they call alternately “the world’s best” and “the world’s easiest-to-use” content editor. Their editor gives users the option of authoring in WYSIWYG environment, and allows them to use Ektron Smart Forms for content creation. In this visually-focused editor, website creators and editors can drag and drop images straight into content, compose pages more easily with a convenient interface, and easily manage lists, content, forms, and multimedia. This browser-based editor also updates directly on your site, reducing the time-to-web, and integrates third-party widgets (Twitter, Salesforce, etc.), which reduces time in general.

For mobile capabilities, its Responsive Web Design (RWD) gives users’ sites an adaptive quality that lets them consolidate content across all their channels, namely smartphones and tablets. The media manager utilizes a built-in WURFL Device Description Repository that detects the device, screen size, and capacity before automatically adapting, re-sizing, and/or swapping images.

Extras include improved search engine optimization (SEO), geolocation targeting, and optimum performance for videos using the Brightcove Video Cloud. It seems this content management system does well in preventing clunky, awkward, and flat-out broken mobile versions.


And then there are the enterprise-specific features, the ones that made the company a success. With Ektron CMS search, site visitors find what they need more effectively using faceted searches and metadata-driven navigation. Today, we celebrate Ektron’s success in various platforms. One such was recently organized which is popularly known as Ektron Synergy where all partners are invited to discuss about the future plans from the house of Ektron. I am sure we are all set to get a deep understanding about the content management system and will get more information in future years.