Go Digital to Reach Out to a Wider Audience

Go Digital to Reach Out to a Wider Audience

Digital media marketing is pervasive nowadays and consumers have access to information any where, any time. Be it for shopping, news, entertainment or social interaction, customers are extensively exposed to a large range of information these days. Therefore, businesses must spruce up their digital marketing efforts to retain client attention.

Maintaining client relationships across different digital channels is highly imperative for companies these days. Effective digital media services can step up customer engagement and business ROI to a large extent. The digital media strategies have to be of good quality and highly relevant. It is only then that you can engage your clients towards your business. Few of the digital strategies include content marketing, brand strategy, relevant advertising campaigns, data analytics, social media marketing, search engine optimization, technology and digital media planning and buying. Advanced digital media strategies can help in stepping up the business ROI significantly.

It is essential for companies to unleash the potential of digital media marketing and how it can impact consumer behaviour. Performance driven search marketing, insights-driven strategies and advanced technology, can all contribute to great digital media marketing.


These days, there are organisations which outsource digital media services to various agencies. Such an agency is equipped with skilled professionals who are proficient enough to implement effectual digital solutions and services for best business results. Such a marketing agency makes it easier for big companies to execute their digital media services. What makes the digital consumers follow and connect with such a company are mentioned as under:



  • Data Analytics: Merely collecting data is not sufficient. Brands should make optimizations after data collection, to create powerful impact on the business revenues. Brands must take digital initiatives which involve analysis and mining. Through such audience analysis, it becomes easier for brands to create people-focused marketing techniques. Accordingly, brands can also work towards engaging more customers.
  • Brand strategy: It takes access to analytics and insights to formulate an effective brand building strategy. An effective brand building procedure requires the right mix of marketing across different digital media channels. A full suite of strategic digital media solutions can help a brand connect with its consumers better. Understanding the brand’s strengths and weaknesses is really important. Also, you must identify why should audiences engage with the brand. Accordingly, digital strategies should be customized to suit the business needs.


There are digital marketing offshore companies too and you can partner with these companies to enhance your digital media services as well.


Want to Spruce Up Your Business Results? Going Digital is the Key to Success!

The growth of digital marketing is increasing every day. And why won’t it? Digital media marketing allows businesses of various sizes get access to the mass market at a reasonable rate. As against traditional marketing, which is costly and has a lesser reach, online marketing services has a much greater impact over a larger audience, within a shorter period of time. For instance, through a company website, your organization can get a global reach, within few minutes, at a much lower rate. And this is exactly the reason why digital media marketing is widely implemented by most of the companies across the globe.

This apart, online marketing is measurable. By this we mean that you can measure and track the results of your online marketing campaigns through web analytics and other online metric tools. Such tools help you keep a tab on how your digital and social ad campaigns have fared and what else do you need to make them work for improved business growth.

If you have a client base linked with your website, you can send them information and greetings about your company’s services or product launches. You can fine-tune your digital strategies depending on your client requirements and target your audiences better.

With effective social media marketing campaigns, you can attract your audiences even more. For instance, if you have a business of jewellery, you can come up with interesting pages, on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, wherein you can showcase different sorts of jewellery pieces at your store, the latest collection that’s on an offer, the special deals on new products, and much more. Customers will automatically engage with your social media pages, and you can increase the digital presence of your business in the process.

Sometimes, many organisations outsource digital media services to digital marketing offshore companies too. These offshore companies are equipped with digital experts who are proficient with digital services and strategies.

So, broaden your scope of business by implementing key digital media marketing services, and get improved returns on investment.

Why Developing a Custom Android App Can Benefit Every Business?

The number of consumers using mobile to search for products and services has multiplied considerably in the last few years. As a business owner, by now, you are probably aware of the importance of having a responsive website and have already developed one. What you most likely don’t realize is that having only a responsive website is no longer enough for your business. You need a personalized application to improve customer experience.

Every business, irrespective of its size is now getting an app of its own, preferably on the Android platform. Whether it is your insurance service provider, the cab company you frequently book from or the coffee-shop around the corner that you visit regularly – each of them has an Android app, which makes it much easier for you to avail their services.
android app developmentAndroid app development can increase your brand’s visibility. Once you design an app that is visually pleasing, easy to navigate through and is filled with features that your customers like, the more people will be likely to use it. The more frequently people use your app, the more likely they will be to make purchases. Thus, the app can improve your sales. With very little investment, you can considerably improve your ROI.


An app contains information, enquiry/booking forms, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, etc. It makes it easier for you to manage your clients’ credentials. On the other hand, your clients can easily find whatever information they need right at their fingertips. It can simplify processes like order placement, loyalty programs, feedback collection, etc. Improved communication can minimize errors and improve brand loyalty. A well-designed app, which is neatly integrated to your website can even increase your website traffic. Even if the app is not connected to the website, its popularity can lead interested buyers to seek out your website and browse through it.

The sooner you hire the services of Android app developers, the stronger the foundation of your business can be. The businesses that have invested in custom Android apps have effectively beat the competition in their field. It is undeniable that Android apps are well on the way of becoming a standard element of all businesses in the near future.

Factors to Consider When Developing an iPhone App for Business

The ever-growing popularity of smartphones has induced business owners to develop apps to further expand their product & services. Mobile apps are incredibly handy in reaching out to existing as well as prospective customers. So big companies as well as start-ups are currently focusing on developing user-friendly mobile apps for content consumption. Among smartphones rolled out by various manufacturers around the world, iPhone from Apple has managed to create a niche market among smartphone lovers. So iPhone app development has emerged as a priority for business owners.


Apps development on the iOS platform has emerged as a profitable industry given hundreds of thousands of apps are available in the Apple App Store. This is a strong indication of the demand for a wide array of apps among iPhone and iPad users. One of the keys to the stupendous success of iPhone apps is its easy usage. iPhone apps are extremely user-friendly and pretty engaging, which helps attract potential customers for your business effectively. However, before you join the ever-expanding list of companies developing iPhone apps, you need to consider these factors:


  • Check whether the app will add value to your business If you are looking to design an iPhone app only to enhance your brand presence, think again! There are almost 200,000 mobile applications in the Apple store alone. You need to develop the app in a distinct manner to stand out and withstand stiff competition from similar apps
  • Decide whether you want a web app or native app – For developing a mobile app, you need to decide whether you want to develop a web app or a native app? A web app is an application that runs in the browser, while a native app needs to installed on the iPhone. If you are planning to develop a game or a responsive and high-performing application, then native app should be most suited for you. Web apps, on the other hand, is more suited to something more simple like a mobile version of your website or blog.
  • Need to have proper tools in place If you are planning to develop mobile apps, then providing the right tools to your iPhone app developers is crucial to enable them to start with the development. iOS app developers need to download the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit), which is crucial for testing and developing the app, to set up the development environment.


Unarguably, iPhone apps are a great tool for your business but to develop the right application for your business, you need to keep these factors in mind.

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Need to Amp Up Your Business ROI? Leverage Social Media to Your Advantage for Best Results

Social media marketing is the best way for product promotion and branding today. As against traditional marketing, social media marketing techniques are used by digital gurus to analyse and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns online and in real time. Since social media marketing is powerful, cost-efficient, and has a wider reach, most organizations are implementing it to increase their business ROI.

In today’s tech-savvy world of consumers, the key to business success is consumer interaction. Digital marketing increases customer interaction to a great extent. Merely depending on SEO is not sufficient for organizations to build their online brand image. SEO needs to be integrated with social media marketing for improved brand building. Often, big organizations outsource this job to a digital marketing agency.

Such an agency is equipped with social media experts who create strategic online marketing campaigns to spruce up the business growth. They implement the best online marketing methods to amp up the growth of an organization. Social media marketers of these agencies leverage the platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., to their full potential for the best results.

Not always do brands outsource social media marketing jobs to agencies, often, companies are equipped with in-house social media teams too. Since customers extensively use social platforms these days, it is becoming rather important for brands to promote their organization online. Replying to customer queries, being grateful for their purchases and informing them about latest launches are some of the key activities of a social media marketer. Through these activities, companies come to know about customer expectations, get to maintain good relationships with their existing consumers and also build new ones.

Brand builders ensure they not only provide valuable information on the social media, often, they acknowledge negative comments and focus on ways of improvement. Needless to say that positive tweets and comments must outweigh the negative remarks.

This apart, companies also keep a track of who’s converting and the rate at which they are converting, through social media and web analytics. Brands get to track details about their website visits, time that consumer spent on the site, page views, followers on social media, bounce rate, and other relevant information through analytics. All this further help brands determine on what’s working and what’s not. Accordingly to this, they tailor their ad campaigns to meet business requirements.

If you are thinking of increasing your brand’s online presence through effective social media marketing, you can either outsource this task to an agency, as mentioned earlier, or you can hire domain experts within your organization and get the job done. Remember, the best way to promote a brand on social media is to speak the language of your customers.

Ektron EPiServer – The Name Big Brands Trust for Content Management!

GraphicForContentManagementSystemPageEktron is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) around. The popularity of Ektron CMS is built around its comprehensiveness in helping develop professional and dynamic websites for your business. This is the reason why major companies as well as start-ups opt and depend on this CMS for editing, managing and publishing content. It allows developers to develop visually appealing and user friendly website that strengthens the online presence of a brand.


Ektron is the #1 choice of more than 3,800 global companies for creating, implementing and managing websites. The content management system provides extensive functionalities to users, designers, and developers to work at an unmatched pace. Ektron leverage a browser-based editor to update content directly on the site. Moreover, with this CMS, developers are empowered to maintain global brand consistency in terms of speed and performance with pre-built .NET controls, and standard development tools like Microsoft Visual Studio.


Ektron CMS makes it easier for people to create, edit and publish your content on a website.  Ektron allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish content with relative information. Leveraging Ektron, organizations can easily alter the web content management software structure. It primarily depends on the existing templates of the CMS. Once the template is changed to update the colors, design, or navigational structure, all of the web site’s pages are automatically updated.


Ektron_to_EPiServer_MigrationEktron is highly secure as it can facilitate better content for security. Ektron allows you to regulate publishers updating content and provides the author with optimum control. A quality content management system typically reduce time-to-publish, and this is where Ektron is effective. It allows you to get related content published considerably faster. One of the most compelling benefits of Ektron is the smooth integration. Owing to its versatility, Ektron developers can integrate it with the existing website framework seamlessly to ensure smooth functioning.


Following the merger of Ektron and EPiServer, the combined entity Ektron EPiServer is expected to combine the best of both CMS to offer even better content management service for business owners.

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Learn the Right Recipe for Effective Digital Marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective way to promote products nowadays. As opposed to traditional marketing, social media marketing methods are used by digital marketers to analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns online and in real time. Since this form of marketing is cost-effective, powerful and has a greater reach, most companies are practising it to improve their business ROI.

In today’s tech-savvy world of customers, the key to business growth is customer interaction, and digital marketing boosts customer interaction significantly. Merely depending on SEO techniques is not enough for companies to build their brand image online. SEO needs to be integrated with social media marketing to establish a prominent online presence. Sometimes, big companies outsource this job to a digital marketing agency.

Such an agency is equipped with experts who create strategic ad campaigns to step up the business growth. It formulates the best methodologies possible in the field of digital to amp up the growth of a organization. With the popularity of social media, this becomes much easier. Online marketers of these agencies make the best use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., to improve the online brand image of a company.

Not always do brands outsource online marketing to agencies. Often, big brands themselves conduct online marketing for their own products. Brands interact with their customers directly via these platforms. Since customers extensively use social platforms these days, it becomes much easier for brands to answer to their queries, be grateful for their purchases and inform them about new launches and deals. Moreover, they come to know about their customers’ expectations, maintain good relationships with their existing consumers and also build new ones, with the help of social platforms.

Brand builders make sure they not only offer valuable information on the social platforms, they also acknowledge negative comments ( if there are any), and focus on reasons behind the consumers’ peeves. It is, in fact, their business objective to ensure that the tweets and comments of appreciation outweigh the negative remarks about their products or services.

Moreover, brands can even measure who’s converting and who’s not through social media and web analytics. Through effective social media and SEO techniques, brands can come to know about consumer visits on their company website, time spent on the site, page views, followers on social media, bounce rate, and the like. All this information, further help brands determine on what’s lacking and what needs to be implemented for better business results. Accordingly, they tailor the ad campaigns and strategies to suit their specific business requirements.

If you are planning to increase your brand’s online presence through effective online marketing, you can either outsource this task to an agency, as discussed earlier, or you can hire domain experts working in this field and get your job done.

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