Mobile App Development – Not A Choice, But A Necessity

The smartphone era arrived sometime back, soon after the Web 1.0 and 2.0 . With smartphones, came the revolutionary changes in surfing the Internet. Now, almost everybody mobile app developmenthad a smartphone in their pockets, and the preference of surfing the web, changed from desktop browsing to mobile web browsing. Smartphone owners preferred browsing the web, searching for products and services, online gaming, etc. all through their mobile devices.

With such changing user trends, enterprises had to grab the opportunity that the mobile platform was offering. The only way to reach all those consumers who own smartphones, which is quite big a number, enterprises required to build mobile websites and mobile applications. Now, almost every leading brand has a mobile compatible website. However, there still are a number of businesses who have not yet been able to utilize the mobile platform to be able to reach the maximum number of consumers. It is high time they understand the importance of mobile app development and showcase their brand via mobile compatible tools. 

Recent stats and reports have clearly shown the amazing influence that mobile searches have had on enterprises and their sales. Reports say that almost 50 percent of the local search results come from mobile browsing, and only a mere 20 percent come from desktop searches.

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