Mobile Apps Beat Mobile Web Almost 9 Out Of 10 Times

If you and your partners are still at loggerheads over the idea of a retail mobile app, here’s some insight that might clear the air. A new report suggests consumers prefer apps (85 percent) to mobile sites. Few common reasons that can be attributed for this strong inclination:

retail mobile apps

Retail Mobile Apps

  • apps are viewed as more convenient (55 percent)

  • they are faster (48 percent), and

  • offer easy browsing (40 percent)

Consumers have high expectations from mobile apps, with more than 40 percent of the respondents expecting a quicker load time over mobile websites. About a third stated that they want apps to load in a second or less while smartphone users, on average, expect a load time of two seconds.

Unfortunately, high expectations don’t have a correlation with real-world usage: more than 50 percent of those surveyed reported a problem with one or more mobile apps in the last six months.

A last year’s survey showed that smartphone owners are more patient with mobile web, expecting a load-time of four seconds.

Another study reveals that in the US, around 30 percent of the top 100 retailers don’t have mobile apps; others who had suffered from lack of features.

In the App Store, iOS apps managed an average rating of close to 3 stars out of 5, while Android apps on Google Play just got over 2.

On iOS, the biggest problems were:

  • lack of features (more than 25 percent)
  • frequent crashing (more than 20 percent)
  • poor design (about 20 percent)

For Android, maximum complaints came from:

  • crashing (over 30 percent)
  • app not functioning as intended (over 25 percent)
  • lack of features (25 percent)

Less than satisfactory retail mobile app experience is therefore, likely to detract a large target audience from trying out the app again. So, if you decide on apps, make sure they are fast, free from bloatware and optimized for the particular OS.

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  1. This is good news for most mobile app developers. Isn’t it? And why not they must get rewarded for their hard work and creativity. But yes, there are always pros & cons of every app. Learn about the app you want to use before you install for your retail site.

  2. Yes this is true and a good for application developers.As can be a reward for the creative as apps are depend on the and there logic which makes apps more effective on any platform whether it is iphone, andriod, windows or balckberry…

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