3 Myths About Enterprise Mobility That You Need To Ignore

Considering the rate at which mobile devices are taking over the world of information technology, there can be little doubt that we are looking at a future ruled by enterprise mobility. Indeed, from data management to business promotions, everything that a business could possibly need shall soon be handled through those smartphones and tablets we see around us. However, there are both possibilities and limitations to this kind of technology that many decision-makers are not aware of, leading to the widespread circulation of myths and rumors about those.


Here are just a few rumors circulating about enterprise mobility in the industry sector at present. If you are a decision-maker regarding the way IT and systems would be handled in your company, you would do well to ignore these myths:

  1. Major MNCs know how to approach enterprise mobility”: Don’t be too sure about this, at least for now. Enterprise mobility is the new kid on the block as far as data management and data security are concerned. Until it has been around for a decade or so, expect even some of the big names to make mistakes, adopt the wrong kinds of solutions, learn from the mistakes and rectify those. So, if you were planning to follow the way a business leader in your sector is approaching enterprise mobility… well, think again! Chances are your independently-created plan would be successful in serving the purpose, while their plan fails right from the beginning. Trust your own instincts when you are developing the plan for your company.

  1. Existing IT security policies will apply to mobile devices as well”: You know what – many MNCs across the US thought just that. The result was that at least 33% of the companies approached by Yankee Group in a recent market survey reported that their valuable business data had been compromised through lost mobile devices. Does that mean you should steer clear of enterprise mobility? Definitely not, but be sure to implement additional security protocols applicable to mobile devices. After all, securing your business data needs to be your prime concern, regardless of the media, right?

  1. Mobile cloud apps are not worth the time and investment”: Some software vendors, who do not yet provide cloud app development services, are spreading this rumor in the industry. However, make no mistake – when it comes to data storage, cloud is the future-proof solution, be it in the desktop or mobile computing environment. So, what can you do to ensure that the mobile cloud apps used in your company are sufficiently secure against unauthorized access? Well, for starters, choose a company that has implemented the technology successfully in at least 2-3 large-scale projects. Also, make sure the SLA includes implementation of tight security measures, as well as follow-up services after the launch.

Enterprise mobility is the future for business data management – of that there can be no doubt. However, if you wish to successfully implement this technology in your business organization, then you need to act quickly and get into the game early. That way, as the industry matures, you will also get to reap the benefits of the new policies and technologies as those are developed.


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