How A Mobile Deals Finder Transforms Intent To Sale?


Who doesn’t love a deal? Imagine you want to buy the latest gaming console and get it at 30% discount through a mobile deals finder; or a nice LBD and matching accessories at a much lower price than the current market rate. It’s very obvious why daily deals are so popular with people across demographics. If you have a mobile website, you will certainly benefit from a native retail app that pushes targeted offers to people when they are most likely to buy.

Won’t it be great if I tell you that with the app, you will be able to know exactly when a shopper visits a store so you can inform him or her about a new promotion on the products he is most liekly to be interested in? An in-store, Point-of-Purchase deal increases the chance of a purchase. Gone are the days when you listed your products on the m-commerce site and waited for your audience to visit your online storefront, browse through the categories and if you are lucky enough, buy something from you when they are at the actual store. With a mobile deals finder, you create a powerful and instant desire in your prospect’s mind which has a greater likelihood of being fulfilled with added incentives thrown in to make the offer irresistible.

What’s in it for you?

Some of the key benefits of a native mobile retail app:

  • push contextual, location-based coupons and deals to prospective customers
  • inform patrons and loyal customers about exclusive deals and promotions
  • lead shoppers to your mall or store when they are nearby
  • beat competition and reach your audience quicker and more economically
  • filter users based on demographics and send deals accordingly
  • better your brand’s perception through a custom branded mobile deals finder
  • reach more mobile users across all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry)
  • enhance the ROI of your promotional and marketing campaigns
  • improve customer experience with easy, secure redemption
  • trade round the clock, 365 days a year by receiving payments beyond conventional working hours
  • no technical infrastructure or resources needed to start-off and operate
  • facilitate deal redemption with QR Code
  • manage deals and view analytics with Merchant Admin Panel

Why your worth is as much or little as your next competitor?

Whether you agree or not, a potential customer is as likely to buy from you as she is from your competitor. When the odds are stacked so high against you, it doesn’t make sense to simply have a mobile site, cross your fingers and wait for a miracle. If the buyer is searching the mobile web, she will probably look at competitor offerings as well. But having a native mobile deals finder engages her with the help of GPS, camera, voice, address book and calendar of her smartphone and lets you reach out to her first.

Customers are out there, this very moment and they can be yours – you need to convert intent to sale by getting hold of them when they are in the right frame of mind to buy. If they find you are giving an awesome deal on a product they need or want and at a time when they’re near your store, it isn’t hard to guess where they’ll head to. 


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