Mobile Apps For The Betterment of Society

The app world is keeping every one busy. There are apps for businesses, for children, for working professionals, etc. But, have you ever come across apps for senior citizens? If you haven’t, then take some time off and check these apps, which aim to help the generation for whom we exist.


3 Mobile apps for the elderly

  • Pill Reminder Pro: This app works like an old man’s walking stick. On entering the name of the pill, dosage and frequency, Pill Reminder reminds you of your daily dose of medicine by sending a message via PUSH alert button.

  • Dragon Dictation: The app recognizes your voice and allows users to dictate text or messages and see them instantly. You can also dictate status updates for Facebook, tweets, etc. The app is a breather for those, who have lost their hands’ mobility.

  • FixMyStreet: Standing true to its name, FixMyStreet is a one-of-a-kind app that helps people to report problems in their local area directly to the authorities via phone. Suppose you see a pothole, take out your phone and with the tap-of-a-button your complaint will be registered.

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