The Wait Is Over! Google’s ‘Find My Android’ App Finally Arrives

“If you ended up dropping your phone between those couch cushions, Android Device Manager lets you quickly ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it,” says Android Product Manager Benjamin Poiesz.


The final verdict: It’s late, but it’s here! Yes, after a long wait, Google has finally released its ‘Find my Android’ application (app).

Keeping your device safe and secure

While losing your phone can be stressful, here’s a good news for the absent-minded Android owners who can now locate and track down their smartphones/tablets with the help of the Android Device Manager (ADM) if they misplace their handsets in public transports or restaurants. Interestingly, the service will be available in devices which are running Android versions 2.2 and higher. Some of the features of the ADM app include:

  1. Tracking and locating your smartphone/tablet in real time
  2. If your phone is somewhere near, the ADM app will make it ring even if you’ve silenced the device
  3. Finally, if you fear your personal data could be in the wrong hands, you can easily wipe all memory

However, always remember to log into your Google account to enable the service to function in your device.

Here’s the pointer: 

Only few Android phones carry the ADM app at present. If you want to check it, go to settings and look for ‘device administrators’ under the ‘security section.’ Open it and check whether Android Device Manager is there. If your phone doesn’t show the app, don’t worry. Google has not yet setup Web interface and Android manager apps for all.

With this mobile app development, Google’s solution to the increasing problem of device theft finally arrives. Moreover, ADM app does have a perk – it’ll use Google Maps to track down lost Android device. We’re definitely excited about this latest Android application development. Are you?


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