Drupal Development – The Learning Curve For Web Developers

People often say that Drupal is awesome. There must be reasons for this. Drupal content management system is flexible but at the same time it is hard. If you are thinking of doing any web development using Drupal then you have to do demo projects before you finally land on your project.

Are you getting through difficult times with Drupal? Then you must stop acting and start thinking for a while. It is said that if you want to get something big you have to put your target higher than your expectation. Same logic applies in the case of your project(s). If you succeed your initial challenges then it will be easy for you to handle all sorts of complex web development projects using one of the most talked about content management system.

Working with Drupal is a learning curve for me. I have been into website development for a number of years. When I first heard that I have to work with the CMS which I am completely unaware of, I was pretty worried. But believe me, as time heals your sorrow, it kills your worries too. Here are some of the stages which I have come across while working as a Drupal developer:

Shock & Denial

One of my friends told me that Drupal is hard and complex. Hearing that I was in denial mode to work on the project I was assigned. It was followed by another shock that I have to learn everything about the CMS on my own and then go on for live projects. It was hard to accept the challenge for me. But professionalism didn’t allow me to bow down under extreme pressure. What I did is that I consulted with one experienced web developers who has fair knowledge on the said CMS and took as much help from him. One thing I learned working with him is that never lose hope and try to avoid all sorts of shocks and denials. This way one could be a good learner.

Anguish & Bargaining

Now once you have overcome your shocks it is time to rule your own way. Try to conquer the CMS, irrespective of its complexities. You might take time but slowly and steadily you will win the battle. Once you start your work the Drupal way, you will feel confident and do your work.

Hope & Acceptance

Do not die before you finally die. With all knowledge in your pocket the death star of doubt has been demolished. Continue with your work and you will see your work is finished and you get accomplished. Sometimes, take pride for your work.


With Drupal, a new journey has begun for all web developers. Take a deep breath and plunge into the deep blue ocean of Drupal. Analyse your work and try to make it as appropriate as if the work is for your home project. Bring the feel of professionalism bundled with innovation.


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