Why should you choose Drupal for your next website project?

Ever since its inception, Drupal has been an intricate content management system. Some of the unbeatable features of Drupal CMS have made it even more popular among the bloggers and the webmasters. As a matter of fact, some of the leading websites have used Drupal CMS, such as – Ubuntu, Sony Music, Harvard, and many more. Interestingly, Drupal CMS can be used in 182 languages. This makes it extremely easy for a blogger residing in any part of the world to create a website with Drupal.

In order to build a good website, you have to choose the best Drupal Hosting providers which assure you of key factors such as Support, Up-Time, Customer Care and the like. Drupal is one of the most sophisticated content management systems which is why ddrupal-CMSrupal developers around the world love using it. Designers love its flexibility, developers love its well-documented APIs and site administrators love its limitless scalability.

Some of the most notable features which make Drupal CMS popular in the market are:

1) Multi-featured Few of the most commonly liked features of Drupal CMS include – system administration menu management, user account registration, RSS Feeds, maintenance and page layout customization. These features of Drupal CMS allow users to create a variety of websites, right from personal blogs to professional ecommerce websites.

2) Great website building tools – By using a large variety of website building tools and attractive templates, users can make the website layout extremely interesting and attractive, that too, quite effortlessly and easily.

3) Content Creation – With the help of Drupal CMS, users can create content in a fantastic way. They can make use of polls, blogs, videos, revision controls and podcasts in their blogs too.

4) Highly developed administrator controls – While creating a website with Drupal CMS, you can easily set up a new user account which can be administered by you completely. Also, you can designate others as admin for that website if you want them to operate from there. The recent version of Drupal CMS comes with advanced administrative controls.

5) Easy and smooth management – Drupal CMS allows users to easily categorize posts, create defaults and custom lists and much more to organize the blog.

Therefore, with Drupal, building an impressive and engaging website from scratch is simple. It requires much less programming than other CMSs. Drupal is also well-known for its well-designed and meticulously crafted code. The design structure of Drupal allows drupal developers to write a code which uses the system resources wisely. This simply means that concurrent problems are not likely to appear in regular work.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, here are few unique stats about Drupal:

  1. Huge developer community

– Almost 1000 developers contributed code to Drupal 7

  1. More than 10 years of development
  2. Almost 400,000 websites run on Drupal

Therefore, Drupal is considered one of the most powerful and flexible CMSs available for creating complex enterprise websites. Over the years, Drupal has evolved into a high-end publishing platform with above 18,000 modules developed by a community of 800, 000 members. Therefore, Dries Buytaert, Co-Founder and Project Leader for the Drupal Project, rightly says, “If you’re building a website with thousands of registered users that need to be sliced and diced into different groups and access patterns, Drupal is well suited to that.”


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