Ektron Development – Why You Cannot Survive Without It

Do you know that big companies like Microsoft, Kodak, Indigo, Fairmont Hotels, and Dolby use Ektron content management system? A recent data from Ektron reveals that more than 3800 organizations around the world use this efficient content management system for their websites and blogs. If you are planning to take your business online or already have a website that is not helping you generate desired profits, you should consider using Ektron content management system.

The Internet is becoming advanced with every passing day. You need to upgrade your website accordingly to reach your target audience or potential customers. Almost every small and medium size businesses are going online these days to reach as many customers as possible. This trend has changed how people use the Internet. Find out how:

Mobilize your business to monetize it: Consumers now access the web from their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on the go. If your website is not optimized for these mobile devices, then you are unable to reach a major portion of your potential customers. Ektron CMS will make your site mobile friendly and help consumers find your website easily on search engines.

Simplify your tasks: Updating websites often becomes a major concern for site owners who are not so familiar with certain computer languages like HTML. Moreover, the process of updating a website is time consuming and complicated if you do it the traditional way. You can easily avoid such troubles with Ektron CMS. Update and manage your website easily even when you are traveling with a basic computer operating knowledge.

What you see is what you get: So, if you can update the site on your own, that saves your precious time and money. You don’t have to pay a tech support team to update your site. Moreover, this CMS comes with a simple forms-based entry which simplifies your task even more. The intuitive browser-based editor is WYSIWYG, which means what the editor will see in the window is exactly the same what the site visitors will see on the Live site. Other than that, this content management system also helps you launch new web pages and microsites with the help of an easy to use drag and drop feature.

These are some of the major points that has led so many global companies to choose Ektron development for their websites or blogs. The Internet continues to have a major influence on how consumers behave and the technology is racing to keep up. Companies are not only updating their sites on a regular basis, but using adjacent technologies like email marketing and CRM to take their businesses to the next levels. To stay ahead in the competition it is important to have a website or blog that can attract and engage visitors, as well as measure, analyze, optimize activities and results across all channels.

If you want to build a solid web presence, update your site easily, and want to achieve your desired business results, now is the time to switch to Ektron.


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