What is it that makes Drupal websites a first choice for companies?

Today, a large number of people access the Internet exclusively on their smartphones and not on their laptops or desktops. So it would be incorrect for drupal developers and designers to assume that their work will always be viewed on laptop or desktop screens. Websites should deliver tailored experience to every mobile user which uses exclusive facilities such as screen rotation, geolocation and the like. The experience should be as smooth as it’s on their full-size device. This is leading to the concept of mobilizing drupal websites. That is Drupal sites which can run seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, etc.


As the web goes mobile, mainstream companies and organizations are all gearing up to mobilize their businesses. But the question remains how cost-efficient will it be? Here comes the requirement of a Content Management System (CMS), which can help you develop a website smoothly and efficiently. Drupal, is one of the leading content management systems which is preferred by numerous organizations for website mobilization. From website designing to search engine optimization, Drupal provides a large array of options for the webmasters. But what are the benefits of Drupal mobile sites?

Advantages of Drupal mobile website:

  1. Drupal is free: This relieves you slightly, isn’t it? Since Drupal is open-source, companies and organizations prefer this over other content management systems. Drupal is free, so this reduces the burgeoning costs required to build a mobile website.
  2. Drupal is Search Engine friendly: Once you make your website live, Search Engine Optimization plays an essential part in increasing its reach. Drupal is specifically built as a search engine friendly platform. Moreover, the presence of a diverse array of add-ons facilitates the search engine optimization process even more.
  3. Drupal is mobile-friendly: Mobile sites which are developed by Drupal can be easily accessed from smartphones and various other mobile devices, irrespective of the operating system. To add to that, you can even customize the mobile site with the help of various functionalities such as add-ons, themes, etc.
  4. Drupal successfully debugs issues with a snap: Are you facing any issue with your site? You needn’t worry! There is a group of Drupal developers who are always ready to be at your service to resolve all kinds of bug issues and problems in your website. You simply have to post your problem on a relevant forum.
  5. User-friendly interface for content upload: Drupal has an extremely user-friendly interface. This lets you manage, edit and upload content in a completely hassle-free way.

Since Drupal is a second generation CMS, there are many customized things which can be created in the user interface without programming. This can be done in a quicker way by a member of your staff who’s versed in your operations. It takes much lesser time and allows you to make development yourself. The best part is you needn’t depend on your service providers any more.

So using Drupal can create solutions such as:

  • Provides shorter time to market new features on your website
  • Empowers your staff to make further improvisations on website without having to rely on service providers
  • Lessens total cost of ownership since Drupal is a free software

Drupal’s unique advantages and functionalities ranks it way ahead than other content management systems. Are you planning to develop your website with Drupal? Great decision! Go ahead with it and make the most of the benefits that this open-source platform brings for you. All the best!


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