Why Android KitKat Will Soon Be The Best Friend Of Professionals Associated With Android Apps Development

android-computergeekblogAndroid 4.4 KitKat is all set to be the toast of Android application developers across the globe, and with good reason! For starters, the version brings many new functionalities that will help developers build more immersive apps than ever before. Besides, improved memory management during multitasking and highly optimized touchscreen controls ensure that you can implement a lot of crazy options in your apps, without slowing the phone down to a crawl. Here are a few stellar features of this new release that are sure to delight professionals associated with Android apps development, across the globe.

Ready… Set… Google!

Activating voice search on Android KitKat is as easy as saying “OK Google” into the mic of your smartphone. Then, simply say the search term and Google will take care of the rest. That’s not all you can do with this, either! Need directions to the nearest restaurant or movie theater? Or do you want to play a song stored in the memory card? Say it to Google and it will be done! If you are a mobile app developer, be sure to include support for this feature in the next Android app that rolls out of your lab! It could translate to a lot of extra clicks and downloads.


Kitkat provides Android application development professionals with the option of fading away the status bars and navigation bar, letting apps go fullscreen, with nothing else to distract the user. So, whether the user is watching a movie on a media player you developed, playing a game or even reading an eBook on your reader app, you can provide a more immersive experience than you could before. The next time you develop an app, take a look at the SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE flag. It could boost the popularity of your app to a great extent.

Tap… Tap… Yup!

Android Kitkat optimizes touchscreen controls, but that it expected from every Android release anyway. What is more interesting than that is the fact that it enhances memory management, even when you are running multiple memory-hungry apps. So, if you are into Android apps development, you can build apps that take advantage of this memory management. Hey, here’s an idea – why not build a browser app that plays music chosen by the user in the background, while the user browses the Internet?

Happy… Sad… Emoji!

Whether a user is happy or sad, angry or pensive, there’s always an Emoji for that. If you are developing a messaging app, do not forget to include support for animated Emoji in it. You can also tap into these funny little icons to help users write more colorful and “emotional” e-mails.

Android 4.4 Kitkat packs a lot of useful features and functionalities that are sure to help professionals involved in android apps development to bring more feature-rich, interactive apps for users. Whether you are a business owner who wants to have an app for promoting your business, or a developer who wants to make money from his new app, this is probably the best platform you could hope to get your hands on.


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