What No One Told You About Ektron CMS

Are you one of those website owners having sleepless nights but still can’t find out how to manage your site without having those nagging headaches? Before you find out the solution, there’s something you need to know right away. There maybe many reasons your business website is not getting you desired sales. For instance, outdated content or information on your website is a great way to lose customers. People can’t update their sites regularly for some reasons. Maybe they don’t have the knowledge required to manage a website. Who would have thought that having a business website will also force to learn complicated programming languages?

If it isn’t the coding part, then the awesome tech support that takes a lot of time to update a simple content of a website or simply refuses to work outside their normal working hours. Whatever the reason is, Ektron is one of those content management systems that does not force you to take computer classes or beg in front of your tech team to get the job done. It puts you in charge and you are the one who can do things if you have the basic computer operating knowledge. Now let’s focus on Ektron CMS.


Ektron CMS is a web content management system (WCMS) that has been developed on the Microsoft.NET framework based on ASP.NET. It has an advanced WYSIWYG editor (I.e, what-you-see-is-what-you-get), built-in RSS syndication, XML compatibility, and superfast integration with all Microsoft software suites including Microsoft Word and SharePoint.

Ektron content management system allows network and website administrators with limited technical expertise to build and manage websites conveniently. Using this content management system, site owners and administrators can control and customize design schemes, user privileges, manage media files, update content on a regular basis, and fix network problems easily. Ektron also has am easy to use interface that looks like Windows Internet Explorer where administrators can drag and drop content from their computers.

The compatibility between CMS400.NET’s foundation and ASP.NET offers a lot of advantages over that content management systems that are not compatible with .NET. Website development on the .NET platform is fast and smooth. Moreover, ASP.NET is easier and faster than many other web development languages. When Ektron is used, the result is a huge traffic for your websites. In addition to that, this web content management system also supports other programming languages besides ASP.NET including PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP. Website managers can easily copy content from Microsoft Word to the editor of this CMS. There are many other benefits like, the support for browser cookies, in-depth SEO module to optimize the website for search engines, comprehensive permissions for all objects like content blocks and folders, and the ability to customize the website with the brand logo.

If you thought that’s more than enough, then there’s another great advantage waiting for you. Mobilizing Ektron is another great feature of this CMS. Mobilizing your website is important so that it can be viewed from smartphones and tablets according to the screen sizes of the devices. So, when you get so many advantages from the Ektron content management system, why spend sleepless nights? Ektron ensures that, if you are the owner of your website, you can manage it comfortably.


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