Drupal developers look forward to the latest version of the CMS


Drupal, widely regarded as an amazing content management system, is all geared up to surprise people with its latest version. It claims that Drupal 8 “will set a new standard for ease of use, while offering countless new ways to tailor and deploy your content to the Web.” The alpha version of this powerful CMS has already hit the market. Major brands like Sony Music and Ubuntu are using Drupal.

Why should you choose Drupal

  • Being an open source software, Drupal developers can customize the CMS to fit their needs.

  • Drupal is a cost-effective solution since it is free to use.

  • This CMS is backed by a large and highly active community of developers.

  • Drupal stands as a stable and advanced CMS because it’s being developed for a long time.

What’s new in version 8? Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the latest release :

Go for HTML 5

Drupal 8 supports the latest version of HTML 5 and this makes life a lot easier for the developers. Drupal developers now have the opportunity to introduce enhanced features in their websites in a surprisingly short time. The latest version comes loaded with tools for mobilizing Drupal based websites.


Support for responsive design

Forget the days when you needed to build multiple websites for different platforms like ipad or mobile. Drupal 8 provides complete support for responsive designs. This means that no matter whatever device someone uses to visit your website, the design will change to suit the platform. The graphical elements and the text will re-size itself as per the requirements of the device used. Moreover, themes offered by Drupal 8 are responsive too and will save you a lot of time and effort. What more could you ask for?

Also, this version includes Twig – a template engine for PHP. Drupal team says that this engine is a simple, fast and secure tool for writing templates. It also uses an user friendly syntax that anyone can learn. Looks like building highly functional and beautiful websites just got easier.

In-built translation feature

Are you planning to create a multilingual website? Consider using Drupal CMS. The latest version comes with an inbuilt translation feature. Right from changing “Alt text” for images to installation steps, you can translate virtually anything. The simple interface makes things easy for you.

Edit with minimum effort

With the newly introduced editing functionalities and bundled CKEditor WYSIWYG editor, content updating has become really easy in Drupal 8. The latest version has a double column format, so that you can focus better while editing. Also, saving drafts is now a much simpler process. With Drupal 8, you have more control over where you want to put your content and how you want it to look.

With more field power and mobile friendly nature, Drupal 8 will surely attract a lot of website developers. It has also integrated popular add ons like Views and made it an integral part of the CMS.


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