Ektron introduces significant changes in the latest version


Ektron, one of the big players in the CMS industry, has come up with a major upgrade with the launch of version 9 (alpha version). A lot of new releases by major software giants don’t live up to the hype, but Ektron 9 looks really promising. Unlike others, this is not a conventional upgrade. It makes a mighty attempt to change the typical CMS experience. Ektron 9 promises to change the way the game is played. Read on to know more:


Easiest editing process ever

Content editing can be a tiresome and exasperating process with old version of the content management systems. Things can be particularly puzzling for novice users and for people who upgrade their website content on a regular basis. Just imagine the typical lengthy process of content updating: loging in, launching the workspace, looking for the content in the intricate folder structure and so on. How different are things in the new version?

With Ektron 9, the user can access the content dashboard directly while browsing the content on his website. In the dashboard, he can find all the content authored by him and can filter them in a number of ways. If he wants to access a content authored by someone else, he can use the search functionality, which is clearly a more convenient option.

The search functionality in Ektron 9 is highly advanced. Built on SOLR, this feature installs in 5 minutes and can index the site content in about 10 minutes. Thereafter, you have a powerful and multi-dimensional search functionality for effective content management.

While the editing process was a marked improvement over the existing content management feature, Ektron CMS comes loaded with some really good new features. These include support for responsive layouts and personas for better digital marketing.

Support for responsive web design

With Ektron 9, you can create, edit and preview responsive layouts for different platforms. The mobile preview feature is particularly useful because you can check if everything looks fine even before the changes become live. The editing process is rather easy and even non-technical users can handle it. It can be safely said that this is a mobile friendly CMS and mobilizing Ektron 9 is an easy job for the developers.


An optimized CMS for digital marketing

Relevant content plays a key role in generating lead to drive sales. Ektron 9 introduces a new feature called persona management. You can define personas based on geographical location, purchase history etc. Subsequently, you can target relevant content to that persona. What’s more, you can find out key marketing facts on these personas using Google analytics. Thereafter, you can change business strategies based on this information.

Vendors often overlook the fact that people use a CMS for better content management. So they push value added features and ignore the basic content management functionalities. Ektron 9 succeeds in this regard because it largely improves content authoring and editing experience and comes up with a host of new features as well. It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile content management systems available in the market.



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