Android Apps Development – Is It Just The Begining Or What?


With Beginning Android apps development, you will learn how to apply HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and other web standards for use on the Android mobile platform, by building a variety of fun and visually stimulating games and other web applications! If you have done some basic web development, and you want to build your skills to create exceptional web apps, you will find everything you seek in the discussions and examples in this book.


Each application you will build in beginning Android application development will show you solutions that you can apply to many of your own projects. Each example shares techniques and coding solutions that will inspire your own work.

You will learn how to tie your Android apps into Twitter through two apps that you’ll build: Who is that Tweet?!, a quiz game based on celebrity accounts, and I Love Ham, a coding investigation into search phrases and rhyming.

Your Android web app development skills will then proceed in another direction, as you discover the power of HTML5 in two game apps: Scavenger Hunt, which introduces you to the HTML5 GPS location API, and Spies!, a location-based application that shows you how to use CSS3, Ajax, and HTML5 within multi-player environments.

You will also create an Android web application which checks the arrival time of buses and light-rails through the use of Portland, Oregon’s open Tri-Met data API! This app is a great template for other apps you may want to build in the future, and showcases the important techniques for incorporating cloud-based apps into web games.

After reading beginning Android apps development, you will have built real apps and developed along the way the skills you will need to create highly interactive, professional web applications and, your journey will be engaging and enjoyable!

What We Will Learn

  • Coding solutions what we can use time and again in our Android applications

  • Important methods and techniques for Android development

  • How to take complete advantage of CSS3 in mobile environment

  • How to handle a multitude of mobile screen resolutions

  • How to create feature-rich user interfaces with proper navigation, professional styling and color

  • How to add video and audio for interactive websites

  • How to add Ajax within our site

  • How to use and access the HTML location API

  • How to integrate JavaScript and JavaScrip frameworks into our site

Information For You


For anyone starting out in Android apps development who wants to build feature-rich web apps that are optimized for the Android mobile platform. If you have got basic web development skills, you will find the code samples and discussions in this book will take your techniques to a completely different level. In the meantime, you can also search in the Internet for more information on Android application. This will help you to understant the application and use as per your requirement.


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