Smart Tricks For Mobile Web Development


First of all let me say that do not believe in posts which provide you tricks, including this one unless you are sure about the entire scenario. Each scenario is distinct and the tricks given to you might not work for you always. So, my suggestion would be that you read the posts and analyze before you take any judgement.

There is hell lot of things one must know about mobile web development. There are so many posts, articles and social media shares about the subject. How many have you read or understood? Don’t you think that most of them are really hard to understand? Hence, go for simple and smart ideas. The same is in the case for mobile website development.

 Keep Mobile Website Smart And Simple


I would recommend you as a website developer you should start from a solid foundation. Always keep your data simple and smart, reduce your wastes and avoid using two elements where you can use one.

I know that the inner designer in you will shiver. But sometimes you have to take hard calls to make your website development projects unique. Use single image instead of a series of complicated CSS properties. Always remember that opacity and shadows hugely impact on performance. By removing the opacity you can go from 8 to 13 frames per second. Use simple images and check the size of your files before using them in a mobile website.

Experiment Is Good But Not With Quality


Do not ever try to compromise with website quality. Be it design or be it content, try to keep them unique. Most importantly, your design should support the content and vice-versa. You can do a little bit experimentation with design, theme and animated elements. But do not try to make a mobile website too much heavy. After all, this is not a normal desktop version. We have to view the website in our smartphone.


I know you guys are experienced in developing smart mobile websites. But do you follow one simple step before you hand over the entire project to your client? Do you really do a quality check before making a website live? Yes! I am talking about testing. If you want you can consult with designers and content developers. I am sure with full coordination you developers can create wonders. Do remember that you are working on mobilizing website projects. Hence, your thought process and analysis should go in that direction.

Go Further

In case you want a mobile website look quite different from other mobile sites then you have to think innovative and do something really exceptional. Do research on all probable steps which can be taken to make a website smart. In simple words, you have to think beyond your capabilities. Then only you will get a product which is beyond your expectation.

Reduce Loading Time


Make sure that all mobile sites developed by you have minimum load time. This irritates even when we visit a website in our smartphones. For example, you have to check an important information about something and inform to someone and you are running out of time. How will you feel? Think from an user’s perspective. Then only you can go ahead with your mobile web development projects smoothly.


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