Why should Drupal developers consider choosing Drupal 8?

Web Spiders Logo 2013The launch of Drupal 8 in October 2014 has generated a lot of buzz in the world of web developers. All the versions of Drupal CMS that have been released till date, have garnered positive reviews among web developers. Each and every version has greatly influenced the way websites are created and updated. This one too has taken the world of Drupal developers by storm. It offers a lot of features that help developers design and develop robust enterprise websites in considerably less time, and with a greater deal of efficiency.

drupalCreating responsive websites is easy

Drupal 8 lends native support for designing and developing websites that you can access from mobile devices. This version of the open CMS allows Drupal developers to plan, create and manage websites, where all the form elements get modified automatically, as per the screen size of the mobile device which you are using to view the website. This allows you to build a single website that you can access through any device, be it a tablet or a desktop. This apart, Drupal 8 offers new themes that work well in case of mobile devices, as well. This makes it easier to manage websites that have been designed and developed by mobilizing Drupal. It not helps you save time, but is cost effective, as well.


Supports the recent version of HTML

The latest version of Drupal offers seamless support to HTML 5. HTML 5 is the latest and the most widely used version of HTML. Therefore, web developers can customise this CMS to design and develop websites that cater to the specific needs of individual site visitors. Each output template of this open CMS offers elements that have been simplified for the ease of web developers. Drupal 8 also supports picture elements. Thus, this helps display images in a responsive website framework. So, when accessed from a mobile device, you do not get to see a stripped version of the website – the form elements are modified to suit the screen size of your device. Drupal 8 also provides native input tools for building sites, especially when it comes to creating data submission fields, like mobile number and email id.


Multilingual site can be created

These days, sites are being created in more than one language, in order to reach more and more members of your target audience. Mobilizing this CMS can make things a whole lot easier for you. This CMS allows you to make every task simple, starting from the installation screen to providing text alternatives for image fields. Web developers can now bank upon in-built user interfaces, instead of any external software, to translate text within the system. They can also avail of software translation updates, which are offered by the Drupal support communities around the world.

drupal-logoDoes not include redundant modules

The earlier versions of Drupal CMS came with quite a few modules that can be done away with. Almost no developer uses these modules any longer. Drupal 8 does not come with these modules. Which is why it takes considerably less space in the hard disk, and operates more quickly than the earlier versions of this CMS.

Thanks to the above mentioned features, Drupal 8 has been creating a positive buzz in the recent times. More and more web developers are mobilizing it and experiencing the difference. Your turn to try it?


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