Tools for Successful Android Application Development

Web Spiders Logo 2013Most smartphone users love exploring and using new Android Apps. There are many who are always checking out the latest innovations in mobile technology. Till today, there are around 700,000 apps that you can access on the Android devices. If you go by the recent statistics, you will find out that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from Google Play, the primary store for Android apps. The numbers tell an obvious story. Android apps are rapidly gaining in popularity. And this spike in popularity is prompting a rise in the demand for Android App developers & that’s not all the evidence that is there, of the popularity of Google Apps.

android-developersA survey that was conducted in the first half of 2013 has revealed that 71% of the smartphone crowd give more preference to Android applications in comparison to apps that have been built on other platforms. So do you want to make your mark in the world of Android app developers? Yes, learning the finer nuances of Android Application development can help you create exciting apps that have a successful run in the market. Here are some of the tools that can aid in learning the ways of apps development, and can make it a lot easier as well.


There are many tutorials on this topic on YouTube. These video tutorials help you learn the nitty-gritties of the process. You will be able to access quite a few training modules on YouTube. Some of them are visually captivating. You will find it easy to figure out the basic steps of the process. You can later on implement your knowledge in these projects. Once you have understood the basics, the next step is to hunt for videos, where the experts in the business have shared the tricks of the trade. These videos can inspire you to think of planning a career in Android application development. These videos will also help you understand every aspect of the process, from developing an app to debugging to making it go live.

android-computergeekblogBooks and eBOoks

Books are counted among the most reliable ways for learning something new. There are quite a few books on developing apps that can help you get a hang of the basics. You can even purchase them from online bookstores. You can also consider going for eBooks. With the world raving about eBooks, there is no reason for you to not explore this option. You can start by reading “Hello, Android” by Ed Burnett. This book has won a lot of critical acclaim, and has been climbing the popularity charts, as well.

2951483568_c55ee518a4_zOfficial website

Official website for Android applications can be the most reliable way to learn something new about them. You can visit the official website to go through the various blogs and case studies. This website is updated regularly, and you will get the lowdown on Android apps development.

So, if you want to build apps that will be able to make a mark, get started right away!


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