3 Resources for Android Application Development

Web Spiders Logo 2013Android Apps are great favorites with smartphone users, especially those who are tech-savvy, and like exploring new apps, every now and then. The number of apps that one can access on Android devices, has already crossed 700,000, and the number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. Moreover, it has been revealed by a recently conducted survey, that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the primary Android App store, Google Play. And that’s definitely not all.


There is another recent survey that tells us that around 70% of smartphone users like Android Apps more than other kinds of apps. The numbers reaffirm the rapidly increasing popularity of Android Apps. This has also lead to a rise in demand for skilled Android app developers. So if you too want to be a successful app developer, here are some resources that you can explore and get a hang of the process. More and more people interested in Android Application Development are resorting to these resources.


Video tutorials are considered by many to be the easiest and the best way to learn new concepts. If you search YouTube, you will get tutorials about every topic. YouTube offers a lot of videos on Android application development. This site has many easy-to-understand training modules on this topic, which many consider to be complicated. They will help you get a hang of the underlying concepts of app development and design in a easier, and lot more fun way. Once you have got a hang of the basics, you can then implement your knowledge in your work. You can also go ahead and explore the videos that tell you about the advanced concepts. These videos have several leading names in the business sharing their experiences, and tricks of the trade. You will get extensive information on different aspects of app development, such as programming, debugging and releasing the app.


Books and more books

Books are counted among the traditional ways of learning something new. There are quite a few comprehensive guides on apps development. This will help you understand the process in detail. You can even buy them online. eBook is another option that you can consider exploring. Yes, you can always do your own research on which book is better. Or you can go with one that many recommend. “Hello, Android” by Ed Burnett is one book that is becoming increasing popular among those interested in app development.


Go official!

The most reliable information on android apps development is the official site of Android. The site features quite a few blog studies and case studies. Going through them can help you have the basic concepts at your fingertips. The website is updated at periodic intervals, and you can check it regularly, to get the latest lowdown on the process.

If you want to build apps that will leave a mark in the market, you can consider exploring these resources. They will help you understand the basic concepts, as well as formulate successful strategies.


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