Why Ektron should be your first choice?

Web Spiders Logo 2013Content is king. But then, you have heard this before. Well, the new part is that this rule of thumb applies to content management systems as well. Content editing forms the core element of a CMS. However, quite ironically, and sadly, this is one aspect of CMS that most CMS vendors neglect. While showcasing their products, CMS vendors tend to overlook this aspect. While demonstrating their offerings, CMS vendors tend to promote more of the marketing features, the mobile website features, and the social media marketing features. Well, CMS vendor Ektron has decided to change all that, with their new version. This new version promises to offer its users an enhanced content editing experience. It replaces the customized Telerik Editor version with Aloha Editor, which is an HTML based editor.


But before we delve into the features of this recent version of Ektron CMS, which has got the world of web developers buzzing with excitement, we need to figure out why content editing commands so much importance in the digital space.

Why is Content Editing so important? – Although a lot of promises are made during CMS product demonstrations by the vendors, most people who mobilize a CMS, spend a greater part of their time updating the content, which really shouldn’t happen. Most content management systems come with UI that is similar to that of Microsoft Word. However, that really doesn’t make matters any easier. Most users find the task of content editing to be overwhelming and unpleasant, and it is quite time consuming as well. Some even create cheat sheets to aid their editing staff. With this version of the CMS, you can avoid all such problems.

The next question that arises is, how is this CMS different from other content management systems, with regard to content editing.


What is the difference? – This CMS can enhance your content editing experience. It can make it better and more fun. This CMS offers a ‘provider’ model for the 3rd party editors, who use this CMS. This will allow the customer to opt for any other 3rd party editor, which they prefer. Besides older editors with older versions, this CMS also offers support to Aloha editor. This editor can empower all the aspects of this CMS, where the content is updated. Some of these aspects are SmartForms, and in-context editing UI. As Tom Wentworth, the Principal Marketing Officer of Ektron has stated – “Aloha is everywhere”.

Okay, great! But how is this is going to help you, or rather your CMS projects?

Content Editing made easier – With content editing enjoying the spotlight once again with this version of the CMS, working with content will become easier than what it is, in most organizations today. Technical errors, usability issues – all these make content editing somewhat of an ordeal. You can edit content right on the website, with this CMS. You can do so, even while on the move.

If you are into content editing, you should consider mobilizing Ektron.


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