Why opt for Responsive Mobile Website Development?

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The importance of mobile friendly websites has been rapidly increasing, thanks to the spike in popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. If SEO forms the core element of your strategy for digital marketing, it is essential to opt for a mobile friendly website. Mobile device sales has overtaken desktop sales, the number of mobile internet users has outpaced the number of desktop internet users by this year, and it is only a matter of time before mobile search overtakes desktop search. Since these days, most online shoppers access portals from mobile devices, companies who depend on SEO based digital marketing strategies, have started designing and developing mobile friendly websites.

Mobile Web DevelopmentGiven that more and more people are using mobile devices every day, you need a website that you can access from any mobile device, no matter how small its screen size is. Also, the site should not take much time to load. This gives rise to a very important question – whether you need to develop and design a responsive website, or a completely separate mobile website, altogether. In a responsive website, all the elements – be it the graphic or the text, get automatically resized, when you access it from a mobile device. Both have their shares of advantages, and disadvantages. While making your choice, you need to take into account several factors, including the target audience, the site objective, and how much importance does SEO hold in the digital marketing strategy.

If SEO is a core element of your marketing strategy, then you should opt for responsive mobile website development.

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Preferred by Google

When it comes to search engine marketing, Google is the last word. well, no surprises there, considering it commands 67% of share in search engine marketing. Responsive website design is Google’s preferred mobile configuration. It has even recommended it as one of the best practices in web design. But why has it done so? Well, websites having responsive designs have one single URL, and the same HTML code, no matter which device you use to access it from. This makes the search engine robots crawl, and index content easily and efficiently. This is one advantage that the responsive website has over a totally separate mobile website. The URL and the HTML of a mobile website is completely different from its counterpart that has been designed for desktops and laptops. This needs search engine robots to crawl and index more than one version of the same site.

index22One website, multiple devices

One of the best advantages of responsive web design is that a responsive website works well with many devices, and more than one screen size. This is an important feature because it is not possible for you to make a list of all those devices that can be possibly used to access this device. A site that can be accessed from all mobile devices, have several advantages over a website that has been designed for a particular device and/or screen size.

Responsive website design has several other benefits as well. This includes less expense. A responsive website does not create a huge dent in the wallet. So, if you are thinking of laying down a strategy for developing a enterprise mobile website, you should consider opting for responsive mobile web development.


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