Why opt for Responsive Mobile Website Development?

Web Spiders Logo 2013These days, people no longer surf net only from laptops or desktops. They surf net anytime and anywhere, even while on the go, from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. More than 68% of Americans use smartphones to browse Internet. With more and more mobile device users adding to the site traffic with each passing day, more and more website owners are opting for mobile device users. In the initial phase, site owners used to prefer developing totally separate mobile websites for tablets and smartphones. However, it can be quite difficult to manage more than one version of the same website. Responsive mobile web development and design is the need of the hour.

Mobile Web DevelopmentWhat exactly do you mean by Responsive Web Design?

Resposnive web design allows the website to modify its layout all by itself, in order to adjust to the size of the screen of the mobile device that one uses to access the website. In a responsive mobile website, all the elements of a website – text and graphical – automatically get modified to ensure better visibility on a small screen. Even the navigation bar and the header of the website are automatically modified in case of such a website. No matter which mobile device you use to visit the website, the website recognizes the device and modified its layout all by itself, without any interference from the user.

index22How can Resposnive Web Design be beneficial for you?

Initially, web developers used to develop and design more than one version of a website. Each version was suited for a specific kind of device. The users would be redirected to a suitable version based on the device they were using to access the website. It is both expensive and time consuming to develop and maintain multiple vserions of a website. Responsive web design allows you to maintain one version, yet enjoy the benefits of maintaining multiple versions. Thanks to this form of website design, the layout of the website changes for a particular device, after recognizing the device that has been used to view the website.

How can it benefit Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

By maintaining more than one version of the same website, you face the risk of search engines viewing the sites as having duplicate content. Yes, you can notify the search engines that the multiple versions are for the sake of maintaining compatibility with mobile devices. However, why face all those troubles, when you can opt for responsive website design? Google has recommended this form of website design as its preferred way of mobile configuration. It also makes it easier for search engine robots to crawl and index websites. This is because responsive websites use only one homepage URL, unlike totally mobile websites that have separate URLs from their desktop counterparts. Also, all your backlinks and internal links are traced back to one single domain in case of responsive web design. Separate domains might bring down your search engine rankings.

Now that you know why responsive mobile website development is growing rapidly popular, you should consider it for developing and designing an enterprise mobile website.


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