How Beneficial is Android Apps Development for Enterprises?

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Android apps development has emerged as an effective tool for helping enterprises cater to the specific requirement of their customers. With the increasing adoption of smartphones based on Android or Windows in recent times, the utility of mobile apps have increased manifold in terms of meeting business requirements of customers. Developed by Google, Android is counted among the most flexible operating systems for mobile phones. The popularity of Android is massive, and in some parts of the world, it has even managed to topple Apple iPhone in terms of sales. The unique advantages of Android is its user-friendly interface and capacity of supporting multiple applications. Be it a business development app or a healthcare app, Android supports all. Thus, Android provides a plethora of opportunities for an Android app developer to come up with innovative applications catering to a number of sectors.


Android operating system has been developed on Linux and comprises an interactive interface, which is a delight for app developers. The apps supported by Android are highly beneficial for businesses given its distinctive capability of serving multiple purposes and catering to the specific requirement of businesses. Listed below are the advantages of Android application development.


  • Low Investment – Developing an application on Android platform involves comparatively lower investment given the low barrier to entry. Android provides its application development kit for free to the developers, which primarily reduces development and licensing costs.

  • Open Source – Android, as an operating system, is an open source platform that allows complete freedom to the app developers. The operating system is based on the best technology framework and is royalty-free. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) allows app developers to interact with the Android community regarding any upcoming upgrade. The interactive interface of the Android mobile application development platform results in quicker development of applications and ensures increased adoption, thereby providing better opportunities for developers to generate more income.

  • Smooth Integration – As a platform, Android can be easily customized. It is really easy to integrate and refurbish mobile applications on Android to address your specific business purpose.

  • Consists of various sales channels – Android operating system offers multiple ways to distribute applications. App developers can utilize third-party application marketplace as well as develop a unique distribution and sales channel for distributing applications and placing it on the website. Android provides app developers with the option of choosing a promotional strategy for catering to its end users through multiple channels.

While looking to develop mobile applications on Android, you need to consider certain factors. These are mentioned below:


  • Strong Fundamentals: For developing innovative and useful Android apps, it is essential to have sound knowledge of SQL basics. It is imperative that as an Android app developer, you are updated and aware about the latest trends as well as the tools and technologies for designing interactive Android apps.
  • Compelling Strategy: While developing an effective Android app, it is of utmost importance for app developers to have a clear idea of what kind of app is required, how it should perform, the functionality it should have and others. This will help app developers save time, which you can effectively use for your apps marketing and promotion.

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