What makes Ektron one of the most popular CMS?

Web Spiders Logo 2013In terms of open source platform for CMS, Ektron has for long been the most favoured choice amongst developers and site owners. To convey not just a message but to also provide with an interactive experience to the clients, Ektron proves to be a wise choice. Attracting relevant audience and to provide them with the appropriate data depends hugely on the way a website has been built. The recent update provides a lot of features which makes mobilizing Ektron websites a lot more easier. Having a strategic approach will ensure that you get a better performing website in a much shorter span. If you have been looking for ways to get more relevant leads and traffic to your webpage, maybe its time to make a switch to Ektron.


Ask a developer and he will tell you why working with EKtron CMS is pure delight!
A website should not be just an online brochure but it should be built in a way to attract relevant leads and convert them into valuable clients. A website is a tool to earn projects worth millions. Therefore, the marketing aspect of a website should be optimized in the best possible way.

ektron1Here are some of the reasons why Ektron rocks –

  1. Improved Connections – With more users surfing net on their mobile phones, having a website which is not optimized for smartphones can mean losing out on many potential customers. Ektron makes it simpler for the marketing team to provide with content and build pages which are suitable for multiple devices including, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

  2. Delivering pure .net based applications – Ektron has been the first CMS vendor to provide with pure .net based applications. It is simpler to use and also provides with comparatively more impressive results. Ektron also provides with more flexibility thereby reduce the hassle for developers.

  3. Simplicity and increased productivity – Creating, managing and publishing content is much more easier with Ektron CMS. It allows designer and developers to work in sync. This makes it easier to coordinate and provide with best solutions.

  4. Delivering multi channel experiences – Ektron also provides many mobile tools which ensures that the clients do not have to compromise on the user experience. More and more users are surfing net on their smartphones and therefore it is important to have a website which is optimized for all the various devices.

  5. Improved user experience – Many users want solutions which allows them to make basic changes without much hassle on their own. Ektron CMS makes this possible. The toolbar which is provided by EKtron 9 ensures that it is easy to switch between tabs to carry out functions. You can switch to design or edit mode easily.


These are just a few from the long list of user friendly features which make Ektron a much favoured choice. Acquisition increases the chances of conversion. For acquisition having a website which provides with an easy navigation is very important. Ektron provides with impressive tools to make site navigation much more simpler.
Assess your needs and make a switch to a Ektron for a better experience!


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