Five Reasons which make Ektron a popular solution for content management

Web Spiders Logo 2013One of the best medium to reach out to potential customers from all over the world is probably a website. You can connect with interested individuals by simply sharing the URL. A well planned website can prove to be the turning point for your business. A website plays an instrumental role in attracting and retaining customers. In the current times, when individuals are much more tech savvy and are turning to online mediums for reviews, comparisons and feedback, having a website can prove to be very fruitful.


The performance and results depend largely on the choice of the content management system. In terms of an open source content management solution, Ektron CMS has been one of the more popular option. For multiple reasons, it has been favored by developers and website owners in general. Ektron’s web content management solution can provide you with a wide range of features which make website development a task a little less consuming.
Having a strategic plan with all the content in place ensures that you can set up the website in an orderly fashion. This reduces the hassle and confusion of a developer as well.  Ektron is a choice of more than 3800 companies worldwide.

ektron1Which are some of the impressive features of Ektron?

  1. Content authoring – Made on the principles of WYSIWYG, working on Ektron is easier and simpler. The drag and drop feature makes it easier to import pictures. Ektron smart forms make it easy to set up pages for products and press releases..

  2. Easy to use interface – The interface is very easy to use and makes the task of the developer much simpler. An incredible visual experience is what the latest update promises.

  3. Optimize delivery on multiple channels – It is necessary to optimize your page so that it is suitable for different devices. With Ektron, it is a simple process defined by fewer steps. Ektron allows you to use the latest technology like responsive web design.

  4. Developer friendly – Ektron is considered to be one of the most easy to use platform for .net projects. Plus, connecting with CRM and marketing automation system is easier than ever with Ektron. This allows you to have a dynamic digital experience.

  5. Multilingual sites – If you have a product or service which has a multilingual audience, then having a multilingual website is imperative. The multiple features on Ektron allow developers to provide with a culturally relevant content without much hassle.


Assess your needs and check out more details about the different features of Ektron. For a rough estimate, have a talk with an experienced Ektron developer. Responsive design is a very popular concept amongst developers. It indeed is the best feature which makes working on Ektron fun and easy. Sharing content on several social sites is also easier with the dedicated built-in business tools. Analyze your needs and convey the requirements to the developers for a website which will work for you to provide you with more relevant leads and eventually business! Mobilizing Ektron can prove to be your most profitable step.


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