Why is the digital space all praises for Ektron?

Web Spiders Logo 2013A lot of leading organizations of today have been opting for Ektron CMS. These include big names like Kotak, Microsoft, Dolby and Indigo. Besides, more than 3,500 other companies too are mobilizing Ektron. So what is it about this CMS that has got so many organizations hooked? How exactly can it make it easy for you to efficiently create and edit content on your blogs and websites? How can it help you create a strong online brand identity, or help you modify the content of your blog or site, so that it attracts a lot of traffic? Here is an article that will help you figure out all that, and more.

ektronWith each and every passing day, the Internet is evolving by leaps and bounds, and more and more changes are taking place in the digital space. You need to update the content of your site so as to reach out to a good many of your target customers. Almost every medium or small enterprise is trying to create a strong online brand identity that can help them explore as much of their target audience base as possible. Here are a few ways in which Ektron can help you design and modify the content of your sites and blogs in compliance with the recent trends in the market.

How to make your site easily accessible from mobile devices: In the last few years, the number of people who have been using tablets and smartphones, has been increasing by leaps and bounds. These days, many people browse Internet through their smartphones and tablets. If people cannot readily access your site through these mobile computing devices, or they get to see a stripped down version of your site when they do, you run the risk of losing out on a large section of your potential customer base. You can use Ektron CMS to make your site mobile friendly, and help your existing as well as potential customers to find your website easily on Google search results.

ektron2Easing your tasks: Using programming languages, such as HTML, calls for a certain degree of expertise. Not all site owners might have that expertise. So, if you are not well-versed with programming languages, and try to update the content of your site or blog in the regular way, things might prove to be a great deal difficult. It will take more time, and also lower the rate of your productivity. It might also need you to rely on professional IT developers. Using this CMS does not call for use of any programming language. If you know the computer basics, you will be able to create and modify the content of your blog or site all by yourself, and that too when you are travelling.


What the editor sees is exactly what the visitor gets to see: One of the prime features of this CMS is that it involves use of an intuitive editor that is browser based, and of the type, What You See Is What You Get. Thanks to this feature, the person who is editing the content on the website gets to see the exact thing as any other person who will get to check the website, when it goes live. There is also a drag-and-drop feature. Thanks to this feature, you can add pages to an existing site.

These are a few reasons that have made the digital space go ga-ga over Ektron CMS. So, are you planning to join the club?


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