What must you consider before choosing a CMS such as Ektron?

Web Spiders Logo 2013The key to creating a high performing website and keeping it updated is having a great strategy and choosing a CMS which is easy to understand and use. There are several different concepts to consider before you choose to give your web URL a face and design. To enjoy the benefits which SEO can provide, you need to also plan your content as per the on site optimization rules. This can be a very favorable strategy for your business. A nice looking website is not anymore enough to keep a user interested in your business. A customized and personalized approach is adopted by many companies and brands. The functionality of your webpage depends a lot on your choice of CMS.

The recent update of Ektron created a great buzz amongst web developers. It has been one of the most favored CMS and it continues to provide with a simple and effective user interface. Ektron is preferred by many business owners, professional bloggers and brands. However, simply going by the popularity of a CMS is not a very smart thing to do. Knowing more about what to consider can help you take better decisions.
ektron15 things to consider before choosing a CMS –

  1. Core functionality – Not all CMS provide with all the basic functionalities. Assess your needs and read more about the chosen CMS. The four basic functions which you will be using more often are creating, deleting, organizing and editing pages.

  2. Customization – If your chosen CMS provides with flexibility, then half of your task can be considered done. Focus on how much flexibility the CMS offers. How many options does it provide for presentation purposes.

  3. User Interface – Depending on the tasks and nature of work, different people may require access to the web page and administrative functions. A simple and easy to use interface can ensure that you can manage the content without any worries. Setting permissions, resetting passwords and exporting information are some of the tasks which you will need to do once in a while. Flexibility which user interface provides plays a big role in ensuring the swiftness of tasks.

  4. Roles and permissions – Different people of the organization or team will have different roles to play. Some may post advertisements to the webpage, some may be responsible for content. Having a CMS which supports permissions will be of great use.

  5. Multilingual support – To cater to a wide audience, you need to have a website which can provide content in various different languages. Choose a CMS which provides multilingual support. Assess your needs and choose a CMS platform accordingly.

Mobilizing Ektron can be a wise thing to do since it provides with not only the above mentioned benefits but also some additional features which can make content management a hassle free experience. The latest update of Ektron CMS provides with many different tools which prove to be an absolute delight for the marketers. Persona management and various different tools for marketing can be of great use.


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