Optimize your digital strategy with Ektron

Web Spiders Logo 2013A website which looks good and is interactive is not anymore enough to drive traffic and boost sales. A website is much more than an online brochure. It speaks about the efficiency of the company and also plays an important role in building your brand image. A website plays an instrumental role in providing your clients with important information and to aid him in making decisions. Therefore it is important to give the task of website development importance.
A year ago Ektron came up with a update which gave developers a reason to smile! The latest update from Ektron comes with many features which make web development a task simple, fun and interesting.

What makes Ektron one the most favored CMS?

  1. Easy to use – The interface is very convenient to use and provides the developer with many various options and tools to make the task of web development easy!

  2. Native asp .net – Ektron provides with scalability and extensibility which makes it possible to create impressive and dynamic websites.

  3. Support for multilingual purposes – Having a website which caters to an audience of only one single language is not a very wise thing to do if you want to reach out to a wider audience.

  4. Multi channel experience – More and more users are now using their phones to check out company and brand web pages. If your site is not optimized to view on different digital screens then you can miss reaching out to a wide audience. Ektron provides with support to make your website suitable for different digital screens.


Which are some of the impressive features of Ektron 9?

Ektron 9 allows the users to optimize their digital strategies. This in turn improves the website traffic and eventually provides you them with more sales and leads.

  1. Easy to use tools – Tools which are easy to use, reduce the troubles of the user and makes website development a hassle free experience.

  2. Enhanced preview options – On Ektron 9 you can manage and view your content in many different ways. Previewing options make it easier to visualize how your content would appear on the site.

  3. Enriched content targeting – Targeting your content to a specific audience can make it possible for you to improve the rankings.

  4. Improved user experience – The latest Ektron update takes the concept of ‘WYSIWYG’ to the next level. The improved user interface allows the developer to manage and publish content with ease.

  5. Provides with a rich search experience – Ektron 9 is all about search and with the SOLR, search is a faster process.

To redefine the process of web development, consider Ektron. WIth improved performance, you can be sure of providing your digital strategies also with multiple benefits. Before you contact a professional developer, it is important to have your content in place.

Mobilizing Ektron can prove to be your best decision in terms of developing a website.

Ektron CMS is all about improved search and syncing your digital and on site search engine optimization strategies.


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