The ease of using Sitecore CMS – 7 Essential features you should know

Web Spiders Logo 2013One of the most important tools that makes way for easy deployment of websites is a content management system. This proves especially beneficial even when your team isn’t well acquainted with the technical bit. CMS actually makes it possible to keep the various pages organized and secure. Now, there are a number of CMS options available in the market and you could choose one from them. If you’re looking for something out of the box, then Sitecore CMS is worth looking into. The features included aren’t just unique, but also customized so that it can meet your business needs with ease. Moreover, using Sitecore as the core platform allows you to layer in other mobile applications.


7 Essential features of the Sitecore content management system

There are a number of effective features in the Sitecore content management system, out of which the following are rather beneficial –

  1. You get to personalize content: You can now tailor the experience your visitor will have on visiting the website. This can be done based on the visitor’s behavior. For instance, if a particular visitor prefers any type of content, then you can ensure that the specific type of content is delivered.

  1. There’s multi-language support: Mobilizing Sitecore gives you certain added advantages like content support for multiple languages. This makes possible creation of content in different languages. Moreover, this can be easily integrated with external translation. Hence, it makes way for seamless translation.

  1. Social media and e-commerce tools: Sitecore content management system can be easily integrated with various newsletters, feeds, blogs, forums, surveys, etc. This facilitates sharing of content from your website to various social media networks. This CMS also enables integration of existing e-commerce tools. This essentially acts as a leverage for the Sitecore platform.

  1. Various environments make it easy to use: This CMS is good enough for PC as well as Macintosh. There’s Firefox and Microsoft IE browser support as well. The content staging environment included has been built in. This enables users to edit or review or approve content before it’s published.

  1. Multi-device support gives better output: You’ve got the opportunity to assemble various kinds of content and this can be effectively transformed into any output format. For instance, small device pages can be created with its help and this enables better output.

  1. Easy scheduling and archiving: Archiving and scheduling becomes easy with Sitecore. Development of new content is quite simple and the stakeholders would have complete control over publishing schedules, the work flow and various versions.

  1. Simple to reuse and syndicate: Sitecore makes it quite simple to reuse content even when there are multiple web pages or documents involved. Moreover, it’s quite easy to aggregate content from other data sources.


Now that you’re aware of the 7 advantages involved with using Sitecore content management system, then make it a point to have it in place. Doing so would prove beneficial in a number of ways and it makes work easier too. The idea is to do things in an organized way and this CMS facilitates the same.


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