Questions to ask before hiring a developer for Android apps development

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Mobile apps have taken the world of communication by a storm! For all kinds of different purposes an app is the answer. You need a good laugh, sign in to the popular 9gag application and browse through hundreds of graphics to tickle your funny bone. You need to plan your d day, download Pinterest for inspiration and organizing ideas. Feeling a little down and need someone to catch up with? Android provides with a wide range of messaging apps. An entire world lives on your smartphone! To cater to all the different needs, many brands are turning heads to a customized Android application.


With more and more individuals switching to smartphones and downloading multiple apps to make day to day tasks easier, the answer to the question whether you should invest in a mobile app is rather very easy!

Building your first Android app can be a very interesting task. There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to Android apps development.

android-computergeekblogTo set up an application without much hassle, an experienced app developer can help you.

A well defined process will help you to get better results. Thinking to set up a new application? Hiring an experienced developer will ensure that the development process gets the best treatment.

Here are some questions which you must ask the shortlisted developers –

Can you give me an idea of the apps which you have developed?

Getting to know more about the area of experience will give you a better understanding about his abilities. You will be able to analyze if the developer is capable of doing justice to your requirements.

Can you provide me with a list of all your present and previous clients?

Once you have a list you can probably get in touch with a few clients and get details about the nature of service. References can play an instrumental role in making the right decisions.

What kind of a smartphone have you used?

If you want to hire someone for Android application development, it will be better to hire someone who uses an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone. There are higher chances of the candidate to be well versed with all the recent developments and updates of the platform.

androidWhich different types of special features can you create?

An Android application can provide the end user with many different solutions. It is not simply about reading and absorbing information. An app should ideally provide with an interactive solution. Ask the developer if he can provide with social plugins and options to share on social channels with a click. GPS check-ins and product elements are other such features which you may want to consider.

Assess your needs and priorities. Check out the different types of Android apps. Developers can also provide you with a comparative study and then provide you with a custom solution to best meet your business goals. Setting up an app and managing the engagement on the app is not a one time thing. A developer who provides with good after sales-service can ensure that the functioning doesn’t get disrupted and that the communication doesn’t face any kind of snag.


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