Why opt for Responsive Mobile Website Development?

Browsing the internet from just desktop, or laptop is a thing of past. These days, more and more people are surfing the web from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are used by more than 68% Americans to surf the web. With users of mobile devices constituting the greater part of site traffic, mobile friendly websites are becoming the choice for more and more site owners. In the initial phase, people used to develop totally separate mobile websites for tablets and smartphones. However, it can be quite challenging to manage more than one version of the same content. Responsive web design is actually the need of the hour.

responsive design

Responsive web design – what does it actually mean?

Responsive website design lets the website automatically modify its layout to adjust to the screen size of the mobile device that is being used to access it. In a responsive website structure, the graphic as well as the text elements, such as the header and the navigation bar are resized automatically to ensure optimum visibility on a screen of smaller size. Irrespective of the mobile device which the user uses to visit the website from, the website detects it and changes its layout accordingly.

What are the benefits of Responsive Web Design?

Initially, web developers used to develop multiple versions of one single website, with each version suiting a particular kind of mobile device. The user would be redirected to a particular version, on the basis of the device that they are using. Creating and updating more than one version can consume more time and money than it would take to develop and maintain one single website. By opting for Responsive Website Design, you can maintain one version. It ensures that the layout of a website is changed fora a particular device by recognizing the device that has been used to access the website.

How can it help your SEO strategy?

By maintaining more than one version of the same enterprise mobile website, you have the risk of search engines tagging the sites as featuring duplicate content. Yes, while there are ways in which you can let the search engines know that you are maintaining multiple sites for compatibility with mobile devices, responsive mobile web development can help you avoid such issues in the first place. Google also prefers this form of web design. This kind of web design lets search engine robots crawl and index the sites better. This is because there is only one homepage URL in case of responsive websites. In contrast to this, mobile websites have URLs that are different from that of their desktop counterparts. Another highlight of this kind of web design is that all your back-links and internal links can be traced back to one single domain. When there are more than one version of the same site, there might be separate domains. This might affect the search engine rankings quite badly.

So now that you know how responsive web design is going to help you, it is time to get in touch with a mobile website development team right away!


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