Questions to Ask While Hiring iPhone App Developers

In the present scenario having a mobile application for business is crucial. If you haven’t developed a mobile app for your company, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity to generate new revenue streams. Tablets and smartphones are what today’s consumers indulge in mostly. Studies show that majority of 120 million smartphone owner’s use a retail or a shopping app at least once in a month. No matter who are your target audience, what is the shape or size of your business and which industry it belongs to, you should develop a mobile application if you want to make your business a success. Selecting the right Android app developers or iPhone app developers is indeed a tricky job as you have to take care of a lot of aspects.

before you hire a mobile app developer

Questions to ask before you hire a mobile app developer

Whether you need to invest in an Android mobile app or an iPhone mobile app depends on the mobile device usage tendency of your target users. Find out which platform your target audience sticks to when it comes to use mobile devices – Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry or Windows, and develop the app accordingly. However, before you select an app developer, you should ask him certain questions.

  • Do you provide a reference list? – One of the most effective tricks to find the right app developers is to check reference. Ask the potential candidates if they can provide you with a list that contains the contact details of their past and existing clients. It is customary for professional developers to give you this list even before you ask for it. It gives you a scope to find out how responsive, result-oriented and reliable the candidates are. While speaking to some of their past clients find out if they were able to work efficiently under pressure and if they could successfully deliver the project within budget and deadline.
  • How can an app make money? – If your ultimate objective is to generate revenue from the app, the developer should know exactly what features to include that will help you make money from it. If you want to develop an iPhone application, make sure you hire developers with specific knowledge as they will not only help you focus on iPhone application development, but will also design the app in a way so that it helps you generate maximum possible revenue. You can opt for a pay-per download revenue model which usually charges between 99 cents and $4.99. The rate largely depends on how many features are included in the application. If you are running on a low budget and want to opt for a free app, you should ensure that the candidate is well versed with the paid subscription or in-app purchase services and knows how to integrate mobile display ads.

These are the two main questions that you must ask while hiring an iPhone app developer. Make sure the professional you hire has a thorough knowledge of iPhone apps development.


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