Factors to consider while choosing Ektron CMS

Web Spiders Logo 2013These days most business owners make it a point to create a sound online presence. This is because they want to let people know about their business. The moment you develop a website for your business, it becomes an obvious task to share and modify content of that website at frequent intervals. The more you will share engaging and informative content on your website, the more your target audience will be interested in your business. If you find it quite complicated to upload and modify the content on your website, you may consider using an open source CMS like Ektron. A CMS or Content Management System enables you to upload content on a website with little effort. In order to use Ektron CMS you don’t need to have thorough technical knowledge.


Factors that you should consider

While there are multiple benefits of installing a CMS like Ektron, you need to consider a number of factors. Before you opt for a specific CMS you should ensure that it adds value to your business and allows you to manage content creation and other administrative tasks with ease. Here are certain factors that you need to consider in order to deploy the performance optimized and highly scalable Ektron CMS

  • Determine the required functionality – Before installing Ektron, you need to determine the needed functionality in a CMS. Usually it depends on the features of a website and the other digital assets that the website supports. For instance, if your website seeks user feedback, the CMS that you are planning to install should allow a third party plug-in or provide the support as an in-built functionality. Similarly, if you have to maintain a forum or a community, you should opt for a CMS that supports comments, forums, chats and user ratings. Every organization has different requirements and you need to choose a CMS based on your specific needs.


  • Determine the goals – Before setting up a CMS, you should determine specific goals and visualize how exactly the website should look. Figure out the specific content management problems and issues and then set up a CMS to meet the desired results. Some of the common content related issues that most business owners face include outdated design and content and complex or poor website structure. If there are any such issues, it would be wise to revamp the website and related digital assets. This will help you get rid of the recurring issues. Make sure you take care of these aspects before installing the CMS so that once installed, it can function properly.


  • Control the workflow tactfully – Whether or not a CMS would be a success, depends on how well the solution fits the everyday requirements of site administrators and content authors. Therefore it is essential to leverage the flexibility, offered by a specific CMS.


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