5 reasons that make Ektron a popular CMS option for web development

Web Spiders Logo 2013A website these days has become one of the most opted ways to communicate with clients from different corners of the world. Having a website which serves as your online brochure would not suffice in the current times if you are looking for ways to reach out to potential clients. Make an impressive web presence, by setting up a website which communicates with the potential customers in a more refined way. If you have products which can be sold online, then investing in a website which provides with an impressive e-commerce solutions will be a good option.

ektronAn added advantage for marketing purposes –

Ektron provides with several features which allow you to integrate the marketing plans. Ektron’s content management platform features an easy to use set of tools for the owner of the website to manage the minor marketing related tasks without the help of the IT. You can get better conversion rates by setting up CTA’s which are highly personalized. Ektron CMS provides with tools which provide with insights about the campaigns and overall hits on the pages. This helps to gauge the performance of the various elements of the page.

Which are some of the features which make Ektron a popular option?

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface – To manage content in the easiest way, investing in Ektron for its intuitive interface would be a smart thing to do. The WYSIWYG content editor makes it possible to manage content in a way which is not at all difficult to understand.


  2. Flexibility to work with the best of technologiesEktron makes it possible to connect with marketing automation tools such as Marketo, HubSpot and ExactTarget. It also allows you to get analytics from Google and other relevant platforms which enable you to take better decisions for your webpage.

  3. Multi channel delivery – Personalization always is an added advantage and can help to keep your clients interested in seeing what the site has to offer. Interactive and personalized websites tend to perform better than standard websites in terms of retaining the visitors.

  4. Complete .NET experience – Ektron’s framework is developer friendly. It is built on the latest .NET framework, which makes it easy for the developers to carry out the process of web development.

  5. Multivariate testing options – Digital promotions often requiring testing the performance of various advertisements, graphics and content. On Ektron CMS, you can easily try A/B testing and can do much more to ensure that you get valuable results for all the efforts.

If you are someone who is starting out with their online journey, it will be invaluable to read more about the various features of Ektron. If you are someone who is looking for help to redesign an existing website, make sure that there are proper reasons to undertake the task of redesigning. A clear idea about the specifications and purposes would help you to get the best results. Mobilizing Ektron can prove to be one of the best decision to improve the conversion rate.


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