Hiring Drupal developers: Factors to consider

Web Spiders Logo 2013In the present scenario it is quite difficult to survive in the industry without a strong online presence. The more engaging and informative content you share with your audience, the more they will be interested in your business. If you find it difficult to upload and modify the content on your website, an open source CMS like Drupal may be of help for you. Although Drupal is written in a very simple language it’s advisable to take the help of professional Drupal developers who can guide you thoroughly throughout the process. Mobilizing Drupal becomes absolutely simple and easy if you get the help of expert professionals.


In order to utilize the Drupal CMS in the best possible way, you need to hire the most qualified Drupal developers. Wondering how you can select the right Drupal developers? Here are some helpful tips to follow –

  • Define the budget of the project – Even before you start looking for developers, you need to set a budget for the project. You may have planned a number of things, but you may not be able to afford all those. In that case you may need to trim your wish list and set objectives that you can follow with your budget. Once you have fixed a budget, you can break the projects into several tasks like theme design, installation and programming.

  • Define the scope of your project properly – Before you hire a team of developers you need to define the scope of the project. If you can provide the developers with clear requirements and fixed milestones to achieve, it will be easier for them to handle your project. Determine what exactly you want them to do for you. Would you like them to design a theme or to install and configure a CMS? Do you want them to write new modules or edit the existing ones? If you can determine these, it will help you ensure a smooth work flow. Don’t forget to plan the resources and time for your project.

  • Advertise the job properly – There are multiple listings of Drupal service providers. Once you have determined your requirements and decided to hire a Drupal developer, you should look for developers with specific skill sets. You can search for qualified candidates on Drupal’s official site. Drupal jobs is a career site that helps business owners find top-tier Drupal talent. If you have a recruiter account you can post the openings and search for talent using certain parameters like areas of expertise, job type, skill level and location. You can also post the vacancies on the Drupal consulting list.

drupal-CMSApart from following these methods, you should give yourself some time. Hiring qualified Drupal developers is not an easy task and you need to understand that this is not something that you can do overnight. Make sure you give yourself enough time to create a proper proposal. This should be detailed enough so that developers can provide you with a proper price quote.


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