Factors to Consider Before Switching to Ektron CMS

Are you looking to change your CMS? Then Ektron can be a compelling choice. It is one of the most powerful and efficient content management system and has all the necessary features for your business requirements. Some of the major advantages of Ektron are –

  • Runs on the ever-reliable Microsoft ASP.Net platform, which lends unparalleled flexibility and scalability to it and makes it fit for your business requirements.

  • The .Net framework of the CMS comes with well-structured codes and configurations that allows you to easily create, manage and publish content.

  • Compatibility is another plus for Ektron CMS. You can easily integrate it with your existing your existing business models and applications.

  • Ektron offers compelling eMobile tools that facilitates responsive content and ensures compatibility with all types of devices. So whether you are using a desktop or a smartphone, the CMS delivers the best user experience.

However, before installing Ektron as your CMS, you need to look into the fact whether it will add value to your process or pose as challenge for creating, managing and publishing content. So in order to avoid such a scenario, it’s better to consider certain factors before opting for Ektron. These factors are:

1. Define your goals – Closely consider your goals and earmark what exactly you want your content to achieve before opting for the CMS. Moreover, closely monitor the issues that come with content management systems to ensure the CMS you choose is free from them.

2. Decide on the CMS’ functionalities – Before choosing a CMS, you need to review your website thoroughly and take stock of its features and options available. Every organization generally have different requirements, and setting up a CMS often depends on the required functionality.

3. Ensure smooth integration – When choosing a CMS, it is best to ensure that the chosen CMS integrates seamlessly with all the existing apps and systems. If the CMS fails to integrate, it will be detrimental to the overall workflow.

4. Responsive CMS for mobile devices – Owing to the ever-growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, it is important to opt for a CMS that can make the content ready for mobile devices,and have efficient control over the display of content, depending on the device.

Ektron episerver, which has emerged as a combined entity following the merger between Ektron and Episerver, comes across as a promising CMS capable of providing solutions that suit your business requirements perfectly. However, before opting for it, its best to take into consideration these factors as to ensure your business remains unaffected.


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