Why Major Companies Trust Drupal for Mobilizing their Website?

Are you looking for a compelling content management system (CMS) for your website? Want your website to look attractive yet user-friendly? Look no further than Drupal, a name trusted by major companies and organizations around the world for mobilizing their respective websites. The list of websites powered by Drupal is highly impressive and boasts of biggies like White House, Harvard, MTV UK, SONY, NASA, Amnesty International and others. So, wondering what is it that makes Drupal such a sought-after CMS? Here’s why:

Offers Multiple functionalities

Drupal not only allows you to seamlessly create, manage and publish a variety of content like videos, surveys, articles, blogs, podcasts and others. Moreover, it also includes a lot of functionalities that help create simple or advanced websites, blog portals, discussion forums and even social networking platforms. Drupal typically allows you to manage advanced menus, graphic tools, content & survey polls effectively.

Offers advanced user management capabilities

Drupal CMS allows website admins to create new user accounts and formulate permission rights. With Drupal, admins can divide users into different groups and assign users with definite tasks. Moreover, admins can also permit them to manage parts of the website.

Allows you to edit graphics seamlessly

A website powered by Drupal allows you to edit design elements seamlessly. Also, a number of design templates and themes are available for the start. Predefined page functions configurations make it easy to create both a simple as well as more complicated page configurations.

Provides smooth page management functionality

A content management system running on Drupal is very effective as it allows you to segregate content distinctive URL addresses, paths, and helps maintain a list of uploaded content. This structure makes for easy management, search and reuse of the content.

Provides round-the-clock support

One of the distinct advantages of Drupal is the bludgeoning community of Drupal developers to offer support 24×7 regarding any issues. The home page of Drupal features a well developed discussion board where you can communicate with developers through chat or mail for information and help concerning management and modification of the script.

Drupal is one of the most comprehensive CMS systems available today. The Drupal script has a very specific programming environment, and provides considerable freedom for users to create, manage and publish content and graphics, and being an open-source platform, you are not required to pay any license fees.


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