How To Hire The Right Developers For Your Drupal CMS-Based Website


Drupal is one of the most preferred content management systems (CMSes) all over the world. One of the main reasons behind its ever-increasing popularity is its flexible web framework, which allows complete control over content creation, editing, publishing and maintenance. Drupal CMS is the basis of all types of websites these days. From community web portals to social networking sites, from e-commerce sites to resource directories, from personal websites to newsletters – various types of websites trust Drupal for its easy interface, multi-user support system, endless categories and high scalability.

In case, you want your website to be built on Drupal, you need to hire experienced Drupal developers to ensure you get the best quality work. If you do not have any prior experience in hiring web developers, the task can seem overwhelming. You can consider following a few tips to make the task easier to handle.

Take a look at the following tips to hire the right developer for your project:

  • Make sure you compose your ‘Drupal developer opening’ ad in a very clear way. State the project goals and specifications clearly to avoid future confusions. Mention the deadlines and do not leave anything to guesswork.

  • You must post the ad where it will get the best response. Your website, various job portals, freelancing sites and social media sites.

  • Once you receive enough applications, start shortlisting applicants. You can evaluate the technical expertise by asking them to write a sample code for you or review a bit of existing coding. This will help you to assess their presence of mind, extent of expertise, accuracy and speed of coding. Determine whether they have enough experience in mobilizing Drupal.

  • Check their social media profiles and go through their portfolios. See what type of projects they have worked on, the time between two projects and what their clients had to say about them.

  • See if their communication methods are at par with your project’s requirements or not. The success of a project depends, to a large extent, on how smooth the communication process is.

You must give the hiring process a good thought and start shortlisting Drupal developers way ahead of time. This will give you the time to evaluate your options and analyze each possibility against the requirements of your project. The developer you hire must be in complete sync with the goals of your project and be able to maintain the website after the development part is over.


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