What is SiteCore CMS And What are its Main Benefits?

sitecore-logoThis is an age, where all websites, irrespective of their sizes and types, are built around content management systems (CMSes). Among all the CMSes used today, SiteCore seems to be the most popular one. Around the globe, SiteCore CMS is preferred by developers and business owners alike.

What is SiteCore?

SiteCore CMS is a .NET-based content management system. Besides, content management, SiteCore provides other utilities. Its ‘Customer Engagement Platform’ facilitates seamless integration between its major components, which are:

  • Web Content Management (CMS)

  • Customer Engagement Platform

  • Digital Marketing System (DMS)

  • E-commerce services

  • SiteCore Intranet Portal (SIP)

  • SiteCore Foundry

In the last few years, SiteCore has become one of the most used content management systems across the globe. Its flexibility, scalability and security are some of the factors that make it this popular. Besides these factors, there are some other reasons that make it so popular, especially among large company sites, which have got high traffic rates.


From a technical perspective, some of its main benefits are:

  • SQL Server and Oracle support – These two features allow flexible and hierarchical data storage.

  • SiteCore has an easily understandable interface, especially for technical experts.

  • The system dynamically collects and cashes management components and makes it easier to reuse a code.

  • It can be configured and expanded by increasing the pipelines supply, event handling, etc.

  • Its device management features allow page elements and other contents to be to designated for different clients.

  • ASP.NET Membership Services make tasks, like roles and profiles management, authentication, authorization and security management, quite simple.

  • Cutting-edge workflow features make it easier to define sophisticated material before a content is published.

  • As it is directly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, the system provides a streamlined development experience with tools that SiteCore developers are quite used to.

SiteCore CMS enables use of targeted content based on user behavior and provides insight into website traffic conversion. It helps to scale content for different devices and to easily integrate the content with third party tools. Its intuitive user-friendly design and smooth integration with Microsoft technology make the content highly scalable.



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