Drupal CMS: A Brief Look at the Reasons Behind its Popularity


Drupal is one of the most popular open source content management systems (CMSes) that drives millions of websites and applications. It is not just fully extensible but also highly flexible. It also provides you with active developer community worldwide. The number of distributions, themes and modules available for Drupal is practically limitless. Thus, it can help you build a website in a jiffy. You can then customize the website as many times as you want to.

There are many reasons why Drupal CMS is one of the most preferred platforms across the world.

The most noteworthy of its benefits are:

  • It is incredibly fast. It is powered by Web 2.0 Development and thus, enables out of the box, clean mark-up code, page and blog publishing. It also makes it easier to manage content across search, polls, forums, user login modules and much more. A task that previously took several weeks to get completed can now be finished within days.

  • There are more than 16,000 modules available in the community. Thus, you can easily choose specific features for your website. There is much variety in the module types. You can get everything from CRM, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, backup, migrate, performance and more.

  • There are various types of feature-rich templates available. Features like fonts, aesthetics, responsive layouts, stock graphics, adjustable color schemes have made mobilizing Drupal much simpler. There are many customizable options available. Therefore, finding a design that suits your brand identity, won’t be difficult.


  • Drupal is a highly scalable software. It has the power to support the largest websites on the planet. The admin console allows you to manage performance and security parameters. You can make changes to the website without affecting site performance at any time.

  • Drupal’s security is of premium quality. Constant security patches and updates ensure its rock-solid dependability.

  • Its clean code and modern web publishing features make Drupal a very SEO-friendly CMS. Third party SEO modules are also available, which you can integrate easily with Drupal in order to improve your SEO initiatives.

Drupal is highly customizable and time-saving. Thus, it is quite cost-effective too. In conclusion, it can be said that Drupal CMS enables developers to create feature-rich, high quality websites that provide optimum user experience.


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