How To Leverage Facebook Chatbots For Branding

Chatbots are beyond just a tool for marketers to leverage. They are fast turning into pocket companions. The brand new Facebook chatbots are designed to reform the interaction between companies and customers. With their ability to automate tasks and acquire data sets, Facebook chatbots are successful in retaining consumers longer than ever.

Bots have already created a stir in the market. They acquire information exactly the way human brain works. They gain customer insights for improved messaging, which leads to growing interaction between brands and consumers. This fosters engagement and improves customer care services. Chatbot development is fast becoming a go-to-market solution for brands. Here are some of the ways in which you can maximise the use of Facebook chatbots for your brand building:

  • Responding to Customer Service Questions: The bot of Domino’s Pizza is a great example of customer service tool which allows the customers to choose options, place and track their order. This assists the customers and resolves all their queries within minutes.
  • Streamlining Product Purchases: Often, browsing through a mobile site might not help the customers. Instead, if you use a bot which helps the customers choose product categories, they will be able to make their purchasing decisions faster. The bot can not only narrow down options for the customers’ benefits, it can also drive sales through in-built billing options.
  • Personalising Content Experience: Some grocery stores like Whole Foods, use bots which provide personalised contents like recipes. They use bots as an extension of their content marketing solution. Through tailor-made content and browsing menus, customers can also get redirected to the brand’s main site, which in turn increases traffic.
  • Cultivating Connections Through Entertainment: Brands even incorporate games and entertainment within bots to enhance customer engagement. Many chatbot development companies include dynamic messages and texts, to increase user engagement.

Building brand awareness through chatbots is becoming a growing trend today. The smartest strategy here is to leverage the bot in a manner which can help brands strengthen relationships with their clients and get leads.


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