Explore The Uses Of Hyperlocal Mobile Apps To Ease Your Lifestyle

Ever since mobile apps became popular, I have been completely thankful to the technology. Apps have become a part and parcel of my everyday lifestyle. These have eased my lifestyle in a lot of ways. I am a working woman today, married with two kids. I am bound to efficiently manage my household duties as well as my official responsibilities. At times, managing dual responsibilities becomes difficult, but apps have eased this for me. Earlier, after office or on weekends, I would visit various stores to buy all the essentials, including grocery, medicines, clothing and more. That was really hectic, and I hardly got time to relax. I started  to frequently fall sick due to my hectic schedules. That’s when one of my colleagues explained to me the benefits of hyperlocal mobile apps and how these can ease my drudgery. He specializes in hyperlocal marketing– a trending concept in the modern digital world.


How Hyperlocal apps can change our lifestyle?

Today, whenever I get a break, whether at home or at office, I successfully accomplish shopping for all our grocery, medicines, clothing and more, within reasonable prices through my smartphone applications. This has reduced the stress in my life to a great extent. Now, I have ample leisure time to relax and enjoy with family and friends.  My concentration towards work has improved a lot since household duties does not bother me any more. Weekends are filled with merriment. Whenever there’s a plan to order food from nearby eateries, apps help me to check out the menu, compare prices and delivery timings of different restaurants within the locality. Accordingly I order food from eateries which offer the best price. Through my smartphone apps, I am also notified whenever there’s a discount bonanza offered in the nearby shopping malls. Thus, these apps are now, an indispensable part of my life.


How businesses are benefited through hyperlocal apps?

As the name suggests, hyperlocal marketing is all about advertising within a specific geographical boundary. Businesses have developed apps to nurture their leads and retain existing customers. These businesses notify consumers with personalized offers and discount deals. This in-turn drives their sales growth. Thus, mobile apps are the most trending concept in digital marketing. Apps have redefined primitive ways of hyperlocal promotions. Distributing pamphlets or word-of-mouth merchandising are old-world techniques. Today, it’s easy to reach out to the tech savvy consumers through mobile apps. Since you have complete control of your business apps, you can even analyze its success rate through data analytics, which can give you an idea on the number of people using your app, benefiting from your app, and more. Thus, considering all these beneficial factors, hyperlocal mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among the business houses as well.

How Custom iPhone App Development Can Help A Business

iPHONEThe number of smartphone-using consumers is increasing every year. As long as smartphones are concerned, iPhone is still the most favourite one of most consumers. Businesses everywhere have started to realize the benefits of using iPhone applications for branding and communication purposes. When it comes to iPhone apps, a business can either use a general application framework or have a custom app built.

Even though Apple’s App Store offers a plethora of apps for iPhone, iTouch and iPad, having a custom business app has its own set of benefits. Every business is unique. One generalized app cannot produce satisfactory results for different types of businesses. The specific requirements of every business can be addressed properly with the help of customized application.


Take a look at some of the major benefits of investing in custom iPhone application development.

Targeted promotion

A custom iPhone app helps a business to reach out to specific client-base instead of forcing you to wade through an ocean of general audience. The features of a custom app is distinct, which convey the business’ message effectively to target audience. User-specific approach can help a business to grab the attention of new customers.


Direct and immediate communication

Today’s customers use some app or the other even when they are travelling, eating, waiting in line, etc. Thus, there is no need for a business to depend on passive communication any more. A custom app can bring a business and its audience much closer. The business can use mobile analytic and notifications to identify the requirements and preferences of its customers. The queries, feedback and suggestions of consumers can be answered directly and immediately. Smooth communication can improve brand loyalty among customers.

Improved efficiency and productivity

A custom iPhone app can also simplify tasks for employees of the business. It can ensure 24×7 communication, no matter where the employees are located. The sales team can have a more streamlined method of entering and processing orders. A custom app can make it easier to encrypt data, reducing the risks of hacking, phishing and related issues. Custom iOS development can render transactions a lot safer.

The above discussed points prove that hiring the services of experienced iPhone app developers can help a business to serve its customers in a more comprehensive way. Better customer experience can increase sales, thereby significantly improving the business ROI.


Summary: Hiring the right iPhone app developers is essential in order to reap the benefits of custom iPhone apps. This blog talks about how custom iPhone application development services can benefit your business.

How Custom Android App Development Can Benefit Every Business?

android-developersThe number of consumers using mobile to search for products and services has multiplied considerably in the last few years. As a business owner, by now you, are probably aware of the importance of having a responsive website and have already developed one. What you most likely don’t realize is that having only a responsive website is no longer enough for your business. You need a personalized application to improve customer experience. Every business, irrespective of its size is now getting an app of its own, preferably on the Android platform. Whether it is your insurance service provider, the cab company you frequently book from or the coffee-shop around the corner that you visit regularly – each of them has an Android app, which makes it much easier for you to avail their services.

So, what are the main reasons that all these businesses have invested in custom Android app development?

  • An app can increase your brand’s visibility. Once you design an app that is visually pleasing, easy to navigate through and is filled with features that your customers like, the more people will be likely to use it.

  • The more frequently people use your app, the more likely they will be to make purchases. Thus, the app can improve your sales. With very little investment, you can considerably improve your ROI.

  • An app contains information, enquiry/booking forms, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, etc. It makes it easier for you to manage your clients’ credentials. On the other hand, your clients can easily find whatever information they need right at their fingertips.

  • It can simplify processes like order placement, loyalty programs, feedback collection, etc. Improved communication can minimize errors and improve brand loyalty.

  • A well-designed app, which is neatly integrated to your website can even increase your website traffic. Even if the app is not connected to the website, its popularity can lead interested buyers to seek out your website and browse through it.

The sooner you hire the services of Android app developers, the stronger the foundation of your business can be. The businesses that have invested in custom Android apps have effectively beat the competition in their field. It is undeniable that Android apps are well on the way of becoming a standard element of all businesses in the near future.

Why Business Owners are Looking to Develop Android Apps for Business?

Mobile_Website_CanadaIn recent times, developing mobile apps for business has emerged as a distinct trend among business owners. This is mainly attributed to the increased usage of smartphone and other mobile devices for accessing the Internet instead of desktops or personal computers. Mobile devices are handy and provides optimum user experience when browsing the Internet. Hence, to capitalize on this trend, business owners, both start-ups and major companies, are looking to develop mobile apps to boost sales. These mobile apps allows businesses to engage with consumers better, and this is why business owners focus on Android apps development.

Since Android is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices, most business owners prefer to hire Android apps developers for designing a compelling mobile app for their business. In fact, there are multiple reasons why you should focus on Android application development. Android is an open source platform and can be customized based on one’s personal needs. It is a great choice for companies that are developing mobile apps for the first time. Since Android apps doesn’t require a lofty amount of money, small and medium-sized businesses can easily access this platform. Java, which is one of the most basic languages, is used to write Android applications. This language is also considered to be the most trusted one when it comes to developing mobile apps. Due to the proficiency of Java developers, Android applications have become widely popular. This enables business owners to develop and grow their business.

One of the best features of the Android platform is that it is an open source platform. This ensures you don’t need to spend tons of money for getting license to work on it. You can use it at free of cost and there is no such restriction on its usage. This is why most businesses prefer to use Android platform. It not only allows them to save considerable amount of money, but also helps avoid a lot of hassles. One can also customize the platform according to your requirements and develop a mobile app that meets your business needs best.

So waste no time and hire a team of qualified developers and focus on Android apps development to drive your business growth and generate significant profit.

Android Apps Development – Is It Just The Begining Or What?


With Beginning Android apps development, you will learn how to apply HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax and other web standards for use on the Android mobile platform, by building a variety of fun and visually stimulating games and other web applications! If you have done some basic web development, and you want to build your skills to create exceptional web apps, you will find everything you seek in the discussions and examples in this book.


Each application you will build in beginning Android application development will show you solutions that you can apply to many of your own projects. Each example shares techniques and coding solutions that will inspire your own work.

You will learn how to tie your Android apps into Twitter through two apps that you’ll build: Who is that Tweet?!, a quiz game based on celebrity accounts, and I Love Ham, a coding investigation into search phrases and rhyming.

Your Android web app development skills will then proceed in another direction, as you discover the power of HTML5 in two game apps: Scavenger Hunt, which introduces you to the HTML5 GPS location API, and Spies!, a location-based application that shows you how to use CSS3, Ajax, and HTML5 within multi-player environments.

You will also create an Android web application which checks the arrival time of buses and light-rails through the use of Portland, Oregon’s open Tri-Met data API! This app is a great template for other apps you may want to build in the future, and showcases the important techniques for incorporating cloud-based apps into web games.

After reading beginning Android apps development, you will have built real apps and developed along the way the skills you will need to create highly interactive, professional web applications and, your journey will be engaging and enjoyable!

What We Will Learn

  • Coding solutions what we can use time and again in our Android applications

  • Important methods and techniques for Android development

  • How to take complete advantage of CSS3 in mobile environment

  • How to handle a multitude of mobile screen resolutions

  • How to create feature-rich user interfaces with proper navigation, professional styling and color

  • How to add video and audio for interactive websites

  • How to add Ajax within our site

  • How to use and access the HTML location API

  • How to integrate JavaScript and JavaScrip frameworks into our site

Information For You


For anyone starting out in Android apps development who wants to build feature-rich web apps that are optimized for the Android mobile platform. If you have got basic web development skills, you will find the code samples and discussions in this book will take your techniques to a completely different level. In the meantime, you can also search in the Internet for more information on Android application. This will help you to understant the application and use as per your requirement.

Benefits Of Android Apps Development – True Value To Your Apps


Before you know about some of the key benefits of Android apps development, you must get some of the latest information about the application. Isn’t that a great idea?


You can actually take ultimate benefits once you have come to know about Android apps development. Today, this application has a vast market because of rising number of people who are using it. There are many applications which are used for different purposes such as information apps, commercial apps, interactive media applications and so on.

Android apps development is known to function as a strong mediator between you and your customers in the same manner a communication is made through emails, phones and letters. But unlike the medium these applications can be used any place and all the time. Isn’t that interesting?

Apart from all the above mentioned points there are many other features which needs to look into with serious note. First thing is to collect information of what kind of applications you want to build. Based on your need, you have to figure out about how you can utlize it. For this you should explore and contact an Android application developer who can make your apps as per your requirement. After all, you should be satisfied with your apps.

 You can see several apps but make sure that it goes fine with your work in all segments. Ask your mobile application developer to show you the latest apps running in the market. This can provide true value to your applications and satisfaction too.


Next big thing you need to make sure about official development tools so that you know the latest technology behind your applications. This is because there are many common apps which can be downloaded or installed but not supported by Android.

Make Sure You Are Aware Of Android Application Techniques

Always stay updated with most updated tools and techniques. If your applications are for commercial purpose then, select business and corporate colors that looks bold and defines your aim. Remember meaningful apps can only attract more clients. Make your apps catchy and effective. In simple words, make your mobile applications smart and unique. Noticeable beep sounds and snapshots adds a plus point.

Your mobile app can be said to be complete app when it gives complete services related to your work area. You need to see that you have all information that your customer needs. Your client should not be confused and decide to think about your apps later.

Today, online transaction is quite common among customers. Functions like online payment is frequent for dealing businesses or purposes. The entire process makes easy access not only for payment but also maintains the track of all your loyal customers.

Android Apps Development – What You Are Looking For?


Your applications should be completed on time with minimum errors. Make sure you opt for a trial before you finally install it for your business purposes. Or else it will be difficult for you as well as your clients to deal in any sort of online transactions or other works.

Application developers put a lot in making thoughts that gets converted into apps. They believe in providing full services so that you do not have to worry about your Android apps development. Working for Android application is best ability from them to give what you need.

Android App Development For Good Visibility To Small Business

Web Spiders Logo 2013

With Android nearing 80-percent share in global smartphone shipments, according to market intelligence provider IDC, more small businesses are turning to Android app development to gain visibility.


Investing in app development can help small businesses boost brand awareness and affinity, especially if the apps are useful, valuable and functional, according to an Inc. article. Since Google engineered Android, customers often turn to it for optimal performance of Google’s own apps–involving Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Now, YouTube and others–according to the Android website.


Here are some of the other factors leading of increased visibility with Android app development:

Easy Sharing – While other operating systems only allow sharing of content via a few basic choices, Android can move content through any installed app with sharing capabilities, according to Business Insider. And the engagement of sharing means more people involved with a company’s Android app.

Google Play – Gain visibility thanks to the worldwide reach and rapid growth of Google’s app store, Google Play, which has a billion downloads per month (and growing) and gets apps in front of millions of users in more than 130 countries and territories across the world at Google’s scale, according to Android’s Developers website. Google Play is pre-installed on more than 400 million devices worldwide, a number growing by more than a million every day. And Android users have downloaded more than 25 billion apps from Google Play, growing at a rate of more than 1.5 billion per month.

Customizable Storefronts – Another way to increase visibility is through an app’s storefront, which is a product details page — a rich and colorful page for promoting an app, highlighting its ratings and reviews, and showing what the app can do.

The product details page is the one page where app users come to easily find out everything about an app. When they see an app listed in search results, top charts, category listings, and collections, one tap takes them directly to the product details page. And Google Play makes sure the product details page looks great on phones, tablets or in a Web browser.

Link web users directly to the product details page from outside Google Play, such as from a website, an ad campaign, reviews, social media posts and more.

Choice of Targets – Work to ensure a company’s app gets visibility with its target audience. As an open marketplace, Google Play allows publishing whenever app owners want, as often as they want and to the customers they want. They also can distribute broadly to all markets and devices or focus on specific segments, devices or ranges of hardware capabilities, according to Android’s site.

Anticipated Growth – With the recent introduction of Android Wear, which will work with Android-enabled phones, the possibilities are endless. Meanwhile, enterprise-oriented apps–like Schedule Ninja, which helps with team schedules and work projects — can use Android’s openness for customization and streamlined distribution in the business world.

The continued growth of the Android platform in size and technical capability makes it a great time to invest in Android app development to gain greater visibility for any small businesses.


There are teams of many mobile and Web developers design applications from scratch, develop entire software systems tailored to the problem domain and ensure compatible processes. The company has an extensive Android and iPhone app development portfolio.