Things Marketing Pros Need To Know About Chatbots

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Chatbots have become a huge phenomena in the recent past and they have become the object of endless media coverage. Since consumers have shifted their focus from social networks to messaging platforms, most companies have started using their own bots integrated within a messaging app UI. These bots function with the help of artificial intelligence and language-based rules. They enhance the process of customer service by offering support and information to the customers 24*7. As a marketer, you need to know certain aspects of chatbots for better branding techniques.

  • There are two main chatbot types: A chatbot is an AI-powered customer support service, which interact with consumers via a chat interface. There are primarily two types of chatbots. Firstly, those that are found in messaging apps and serve multiple purposes. For example, bots that help a consumer with his floral arrangement and even delivers it to other people on behalf of the consumer. Secondly, there are bots which are virtual assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo and Alexa, which help users with bountiful information.
  • IT needs to immediately get involved with chatbots: There are many big IT companies which outsource enterprise mobility management solutions (such as chatbot development) to other companies which specialise in mobility management These companies which provide such specialised services for the big brands need to work closely with the IT while developing bots for testing, support, budgeting and security.
  • Rise of messaging apps boosts the growth of chatbots: There has been a huge rise of messaging platforms of late, namely Facebook’s Messenger, WeChat, and many more. The popularity of these platforms have given rise to the popularity of in-app chatbots as well. Consumers find it easy to get all information and even payment options through these common messaging platforms. This way, they do not need to download separate messaging interfaces to get support. They can get all information and services from the bot through their pre-installed Messenger or WeChat.

So, remember these aspects about chatbot before you go ahead with your chatbot development plan for your brand enhancement.