How Can Chatbot Services Benefit Travelers and Businesses That Operate in the Travel Industry

Bots, intricate pieces of software, that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and function in popular messaging platforms. They communicate with employees of a business as well as the end customer, functioning as a personal virtual assistant. While most of these bots are text-based, many are both voice and text activated. Whether one wants information about a specific service, listen to a song, order a product, make payment or get connected with a representative of a business, these bots can do it all.

Recently, these bots have been used widely in the travel industry. And as far as the utility of the bots go, businesses and travellers have both been satisfied with how useful these bots are. In fact, Amadeus has been experimenting for quite some time now, to make these bots so efficient that they can serve both travellers and businesses that serve them. It is time to take a look at how chatbot services can improve the travel industry comprehensively.

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The perfect companion that every traveller seeks:

Every traveller looks for a hassle-free enjoyable experience whether they are travelling for pleasure or for business. So, a bot that blends both travel data and destination content, as well as has a humorous human approach to the conversations, can become the travel assistant that every traveller wants. Right from information discovery to completion of a trip, a travel bot can provide relevant and contextualized information to the user. Moreover, the bot is accessible round the clock to the traveller, meaning the individual is never unaccompanied on his trip.

Enhancing customer experience for travel businesses:

While it is easy to see how chatbot services can help travellers, the benefits they extend to travel businesses is often underrated. A business can offer relevant information to a user, potential or existing, help him with booking, payments and even collect feedback from him upon completion of trip right from a conversational platform with the help of chatbot services. Moreover, implementing chatbots can help businesses automate many tasks, thereby unclogging call centers and thereby saving travel companies a lot of money.

It is important that businesses in the travel arena consider availing the services of chatbot developers to ensure enhancement of customer experience as well to improve conversions.

The growing trend of chatbot development

Fast-food, instant messaging and swift transactions have come to become the keywords that define gen-y and gen-z. It is also a great time for innovators to experiment and for businesses to develop services which cater to the needs of the current generation. The times have seen growth of interesting solutions such as augmented reality, beacons and also chat bots. The growth of chatbot development in the past couple of years has been phenomenal. What encourages more and more enterprises to develop a bot for their business? Was it just the success of Siri that acted as an encouragement? Let’s delve a little deeper and try to understand the key reasons which make chatbots so popular amongst users and business owners alike –


1. Chatbots are simpler and therefore easier to use
A simple interface and human-like conversation makes it easier for users to find answers to their queries on a real-time basis. No waiting time and quick answers make it a preferable solution for the masses.

2. Saves time and ensures privacy
Picture a situation where a user turns up at the help desk with a query to which an instant answer is not available or the user is hesitant about putting across his/her query in a public place, sounds uncomfortable right? Chatbot can ensure that nothing of this sort happens.

3. It need not be expensive
Talking to chatbot developers without any prior knowledge may result in unfavorable deals. Be aware that there are multiple ways to go about employing artificial intelligence for your business. Most importantly it need not be expensive at all. A chatbot with a simple interface can be made really fast and at a much lesser cost than what the developer might quote.

logoArtificial intelligence is taking the world of Facebook up by a storm and a number of industries are opting for chatbots to be their query managers. A study of the popular chatbots and a comparative analysis of developers is recommended for profitable solutions.
We can happily conclude that Siri though was the most popular chat bot once upon a time, it was certainly not just the popularity of Siri that made businesses sign up for chatbot development! Interestingly chatbots also help to increase the customer retention rate by providing helpful solutions in a matter of seconds to the queries. Explore the possibilities and think through the various possible situations. It is certainly not compulsory to opt for a chatbot just because everyone is going for it.