Key Factors To Know About Hyperlocal Marketing

Often businesses prefer to attract local customers for brand promotion. This was traditionally accomplished by ‘word-of-mouth’ promotions, later the concept was revised as hyperlocal marketing with digital media. The concept refers to niche marketing among residents of a specific area by introducing promotional offers exclusively for locals. With hyperlocal marketing you can reach out to local customers by geo-targeting them. Hyperlocal marketing is one of the biggest trends of digital marketing strategies in 2016.

Rather than investing huge amounts on attracting mass visitors through television or radio advertisements, most businesses find it beneficial to attract local customers with hyperlocal digital marketing. Since Google lists local search results above organic results, hyperlocal marketing has been an effective way to attract local customers.


Below mentioned are the key factors to know about hyperlocal marketing:HyperLocal

  • Hyperlocal Apps: Developing hyperlocal apps for the purpose of branding locally, is gradually becoming popular. Hyperlocal apps have in-built tools that seek permission to access visitors’ location data. So you can track your visitor’s location¬† and accordingly provide him/her with offers and discounts on your products and services to turn them to end users.
  • Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing: If you want to run a hyperlocal digital marketing campaign, utilising your business’ social media platforms, it could yield tangible results. With social media advertising you can customise your campaigns according to the audience’s geographic location to generate leads. Usage of hashtags with your location details is mandatory to refine your visibility. Also, do remember to enable location option while uploading photos of your business in LinkedIn or updating status in Facebook.
  • Hyperlocal Marketing with Google Maps: For your brick and mortar store, a great way to boost hyperlocal marketing is by listing your business on Google Maps. Google offers business listing on Google Maps for free. So, your business could easily be spotted on Google Maps by customers in close proximity.
  • Hyperlocal Marketing through Agencies: You can outsource hyperlocal marketing for your company to a digital marketing agency that specializes in the segment. These agencies will strategize and run campaigns to promote your brand among residents of specific locales.


Thus, hyperlocal marketing has not only been the latest buzz in digital marketing but it has also bore fruit for many businesses. Companies know the benefits of gathering reputation from locals before proceeding with promotions for mass audience. Companies are now keen to include hyperlocal in their digital marketing strategies.